The Mariposa String Quartet is available for all kinds of events: weddings, parties and corporate affairs. Our music library offers you everything from classical music to jazz, classic rock and current hits.


  • We specialize in creating custom music so you can have exactly what you envision for your wedding. You can choose every song, or just a few favorites and we'll design the rest of the music.

  • If you want classical music to set the mood for a lovely traditional wedding, we have hundreds of songs to choose from in our Classical Music Library.

  • If you prefer pop music, we play classic rock and jazz standards, as well as today's hit songs. See our Music List for ideas.

  • If you don't see the song you're looking for, just ask. We may have recently added it to our library, but not to our website.

Special Events and Arrangements

  • Larger ensembles:
    Parties and cocktail hours are much more fun with live music! If you want us to add a bass player for pop or standard tunes, we can do that. If you want a trumpet player for your wedding, we have the music and the player.

  • Special arrangements:
    If you want a popular song that is not already in our library, we may be able to purchase a string quartet arrangement for you. 
  • Some music is not for sale, so even if you find a recording or YouTube video, that does not mean we can obtain the sheet music.
  • Custom arrangements will cost extra. Pricing varies from $80-$200, based on several factors. Contact us for details.
  • It is possible that your favorite song will not translate well to string quartet. We will work with you to come up with options.