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Songs of Faith

Christian and Jewish songs and hymns

We have quite a large library of string quartet music, ranging from from early Baroque music to songs playing on today's pop charts. If you don't find what you're looking for on our music lists, just ask - we might have added it yesterday!

Other ensembles:

  • Parties and cocktail hours are much more fun with live music! If you want us to add a bass player for your favorite pop or standard tunes, we can do that.

  • Some wedding music is wonderful with a trumpet added. We have the arrangements and the trumpet soloist available.

  • We also have a nice collection of string quartet music for memorial services, funerals and masses.

Special Arrangements

  • If you want a pop song played at your event that is not already in our library, we may be able to purchase a string quartet arrangement for you. 
  • Some music is simply not for sale, so even if you find a recording or YouTube video, that does not mean we can obtain the sheet music.
  • Custom arrangements are available and will cost extra. Pricing varies from $80-$200, based on several factors. Contact us for details and options.