This will be the future landing spot for MarionRed Glass.  When and if I ever start selling on-line. Currently I may be found at SCA events and soon at craft fairs and other reenactment events. This is more a research blog for now.  please reach out at Marionred@gmail.com or facebook.  VulpineGlassworks.shop is my glass blowing partners site.

So this Website was created to hold research and documents created by Marion le Red in the society of creative anachronisms.  My focus has been on wire chains and glass blowing and creating molds for glass. I have done many other random things as the need or whim has arrived. To see what I am working on now I would suggest looking for me on facebook and starting a conversation. I post works in progress to facebook regularly. https://www.facebook.com/marionred

Please feel free to comment. We cannot get better with out constructive criticism.