Nudibranchs- Mrs. S' Favorite Animal!


MARE: Marine Activities, Resources and Education
 Welcome to MARE month when Trinidad School kids immerse themselves into the water world.  Students embark on a journey through a marine habitat every year in May through a whole school immersion program called MARE. MARE is an inquiry- based science program developed by Berkley's Lawrence Hall of Science. 

During the month of May, students will be learning about their class' habitat, doing inquiry- based projects and activities,  and exploring on field trips.  During ocean week, May 27th-30th, the school will participate in:  habitat shares (students teach other students and adults), ocean house (open house for parents), creating awareness though our annual ocean parade and become active in their community with a beach clean-up.  

Check out this website and Trinidad School's calendar to see upcoming events and field trips!

Some of 2014 MARE events...
~Trinidad Rancheria will bring a Yurok Cultural Historical Education Event to show how Native Americans use the ocean and rivers as a resource!

~HSU Marine Lab director, Eric  , presents "Tides and Waves" 

~ Field trips to the Marine Lab, Marsh, Dunes, Humboldt Bay

~6th-8th Grade participating in Creec Days