My primary fields of interest include catastrophe risk, insurer operations, insurance market economics, financial markets, and behavioral insurance.

Published and Forthcoming Papers

  1. The Effect of Information Disclosure on Demand for High-Load Insurance, with Benjamin Collier and Johannes Jaspersen. The Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming. Online Appendix

  2. Linking Subjective and Incentivized Risk Attitudes: The Importance of Losses, with Johannes Jaspersen and Justin Sydnor. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 60: 187-206. Online Appendix

  3. The Influence of Sellers on Contract Choice: Evidence from Flood Insurance, with Benjamin Collier. The Journal of Risk and Insurance. 87(2): 523-557, 2020.

  4. An Ex Post Assessment of Investor Response to Catastrophes, with Jianren Xu. North American Actuarial Journal. 23(2): 250-275, 2019.

  5. Market Expectations Following Catastrophes: An Examination of Insurance Broker Returns, with Martin Halek. The Journal of Risk and Insurance. 83(4): 849-876, 2016.

Working Papers

  1. Probability Weighting: An Incomplete Solution for Insurance Demand Puzzles, with Johannes Jaspersen and Richard Peter.

  2. Predicting Insurance Demand from Risk Attitudes (NBER Working Paper No. 26508), with Johannes Jaspersen and Justin Sydnor.

Works in Progress

  1. Gains Trading as an Earnings Management Tool: The Case of Property-Casualty Insurers, with Evan Eastman and Kyeonghee Kim.

  2. Risk Management and Recovery of Small Businesses: Evidence from Hurricane Harvey, with Benjamin Collier, Lawrence Powell, and Xuesong You.

  3. Do Market Leaders Pay for Regulation? Evidence from Campaign Contributions of the U.S. Insurance Industry, with Johannes Jaspersen, Tyler Leverty, and Kenny Wunder.