Flash applets on some technical aspects of photography

Marc Levoy, Andrew Adams, Katie Dektar, and Nora Willett
Based on Stanford CS 178 (Digital Photography)

Applet Categories:


Variables that Affect Exposure

Variables that affect exposure

Explores the tradeoffs between aperture, exposure time and ISO.


Thin Lens

Uses Gauss's ray tracing construction to show how thin lenses perform a 3D perspective transformation of object space into image space.

The Gaussian Lens-Maker's Formula

gaussian applet screenshot

The relationship between object distance, image distance, and focal length, and the distinction between focusing and zooming.

Depth of Field

depth of field applet screenshot

How do focal length, subject distance, F-number, and size of the circle of confusion affect depth of field?

Telephoto Zoom Lens

zoom applet screenshot

The operation of zoom lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, and optically-compensated telephoto zoom lens.


Spatial convolution

convolution applet screenshot

Interactively demonstrates 1D continuous convolution and 2D discrete convolution. Don't miss the "custom" buttons!


Autofocus: Phase Detection

autofocus: PD applet screenshot

Explore how some cameras (mostly SLRs) use phase detection to autofocus a picture.

Autofocus: Contrast Detection

autofocus: CD applet screenshot

Explore how other cameras (mostly point-and-shoots) use contrast detection to autofocus an image.


Introduction to Color Theory

locus applet screenshot

Explores the trichromatic theory of color vision and considers its implications for human perception, color photography, and computer display of color images.

Color Matching

color matching applet screenshot

Reenact Maxwell's color matching experiment to see how closely you can match the trichromatic matching functions for the given primaries.

Chromaticity Diagrams

chromaticity diagrams applet screenshot

Explores chromaticity diagrams and the meaning of the 2D gamut of perceivable colors.

Gamut Mapping

gamut mapping applet screenshot

Interactively shows the results of gamut mapping (both the primaries and the rendering intents) on the colors displayed in an image.

Color Mixing

color mixing applet screenshot

Explores additive and subtractive color mixing.


Gamma Correction

gamma applet screenshot

Unwrapping some of the tangled world of gamma correction.


Cylindrical Panoramas

projection applet screenshot

Demonstrates how images are projected from a plane to a cylinder to form a panorama.