The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Uber Challenge Video

Welcome to the homepage for the Ocarina of Time Uber Challenge video. I'm Manocheese. If you're reading this, you probably already know what the Uber Challenge is. If not, go here for a full description and guide. This is a demonstration video of the entire Uber Challenge. It is not a speed run, but I move at a brisk pace. Below are descriptions of each segment and the play times for them. The segments which I recommend to those wishing to see some of the cooler parts of the Uber Challenge have asterisks next to them. Towards the end of recording, I was rushing to finish the video before Twilight Princess was released. I ended up finishing ahead of schedule and releasing the run on 11/14/06, 5 days before Twilight Princess came out. The result is that the last segments are somewhat sloppily done.

 Before I link the segments, some acknowledgements are due. First, everyone I thanked in the link in the above paragraph deserves recognition. Second, I'd like to thank the Internet Archive for hosting these videos and Google for hosting this page.

If you want to watch the videos on YouTube instead of downloading them, here is a playlist:

Without further ado, here are the segments. If you can't play them, try CCCP, and if that doesn't work or your computer lags, try VLC.

Segment 1: 18:00

 I make a file, watch the intro, get some rupees, get a sword, get a shield, go to the Deku Tree, beat the Deku Tree, watch a cutscene, and get some more rupees. *Yawns loudly*

Segment 2: 9:41

 I get the Fairy Ocarina, go to Lake Hylia, get the Golden Scale, get the Letter, go to Zora's Domain, and enter Jabu Jabu. *Is still yawning*

Segment 3: 32:09

 I beat Jabu Jabu, get a Magic Bean, and learn Zelda's Lullaby. *Hears echoes of yawning*

 NOTE (Added 1/28/07): The reason I wasted so much time on Zora's River isn't that I forgot what to do; it's that I needed to wait for daytime to get into the castle, and standing in front of a drawbridge is boring to watch.

***Segment 4: 7:17

This is where it starts getting interesting. I traverse Hyrule Field and hop the Gerudo Valley gate, then evade the guards and bypass the Gerudo's Fortress gate. I then cross the Haunted Wasteland. There are several awesome tricks in this segment; I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to see some of the more "uber" parts of the Uber Challenge.

Segment 5: 9:20

I beat the child portion of the Spirit Temple, getting bombchus and the Silver Gauntlets.

Segment 6: 35:26

This is long. I head over to Dodongo's Cavern and complete it, then scale Death Mountain and get the Magic Meter. After that, I hitch a ride to Kakariko and plant a Magic Bean in the Graveyard. I also get the Adult's Wallet from the cursed family. Then, it's off to Hyrule Castle to get the Ocarina of Time, Din's Fire, and the Master Sword.

***Segment 7: 13:08

Another great segment for anyone who wants to see what the Uber Challenge is about. I get some money and use it to buy a Giant's Knife, which I prompty break; this is the sword I fight with for the rest of the game. I also pick up a Goron Tunic. Then, I head to the Graveyard to get a Hylian Shield and the Hookshot. Finally, I use a bombchu boost and seamwalk to get into the Shadow Temple, bypassing the need for Din's Fire and the Nocturne of Shadow.

Segment 8: 14:27

I make my way through most of the Shadow Temple here. It's all done without the Lens of Truth, of course, but it's only really interesting at the end when I fight an invisible Floormaster.

***Segment 9: 11:58

After making my way back down to the lower level of the temple, I ride the ferry, hit the bomb flowers with a bombchu, proceed through the boss antechamber, and fight Bongo Bongo. This is a pretty sweet fight. After that, I watch the Shadow Medallion cutscene and save in the Fire Temple.

Segment 10: 24:51

I go through the entire Fire Temple, including Volvagia, in one go.

Segment 11: 5:23

I make my way to the Forest Temple. Nice and short.

***Segment 12: 19:11

I go through most of the Forest Temple here. If you want to see some Stalfos battles, this is the segment for you.

***Segment 13: 12:44

I finish off Phantom Ganon, watch the associated cutscenes, and head to the Water Temple. The way into the Water Temple without the Iron Boots is interesting.

Segment 14: 3:43

I lower the water level and get a couple keys, as well as pushing a block. Note that the reason I save in the middle of the Water Temple is to warp to the top.

Segment 15: 1:16

I get yet another key.

***Segment 16: 7:01

I own Dark Link and get the Boss Key.

Segment 17: 7:35

I beat Morpha. Of little concern is the fact that I equipped my shield to do a bomb boost; at the time that I recorded this segment, I was not aware of the other method that used a bomb and did not require a shield. I don't use the shield for anything else.

***Segment 18: 6:35

I head to the Spirit Temple with a variety of tricks. If you're into glitches, this is a good segment to check out.

Segment 19: 20:54

I beat the entire Spirit Temple.

Segment 20: 1:26

Ugh, this segment shouldn't exist. I saved near the end of segment 20 because I mistakenly thought I was done; the result is this stubby little segment in which I backtrack to where I was when I saved at the end of segment 20.

Segment 21: 9:21

I watch the Light Arrow cutscene and head over to Ganon's Castle, then make my way into the inner tower.

***Segment 22: 19:20

This is it. The final showdown. This segment is jam-packed with intense fighting. Ganon almost gets me twice, but I escape his blows with some sweet backflipping skills.

Total time: 4:50:46

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