Gotcha Force--Mutant Borgs

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When the level changing glitch was found, people noticed that changing a borg's level to something outside the usual range could have strange results. Recently, Death Eye proposed an explanation for those results. I've written more information on this page:

With the right levels and some experimentation, you can dramatically increase the power of a borg--or you can get something useless. This video shows some examples of mutant borgs.

1. Level 70 gold Flame Dragon (equivalent to level 76 normal). The "donor" (see the page linked above) is Cyber Death Dragon. His level attributes give Flame Dragon 4000 HP, 8 X ammo instead of 1, and 5 B ammo. When you press X, you often use two ammo at a time. This is probably related to Cyber Death Dragon's remote beams, which are mapped to X. Although this behavior causes you to run out of ammo faster, it also increases the power of your breath attack. The X ammo refills at about the same rate as a normal Flame Dragon's. The only downside to this mutant is that the B ammo refills all at once and it takes a while for it to refill.

The force sequence needed to obtain this borg is 1, 3, 7, 10.

2. Level 112 gold Flame Dragon (equivalent to level 118 normal). The donor is Death Head. Although this mutant only has 670 HP, its X ammo refills very quickly, so you can use the breath attack constantly. Also, it has 10 B ammo, and the B ammo refills pretty quickly.

Force sequence: 1,2,3,4,6,7,10

3. Level 40 gold Death ICBM (equivalent to level 46 normal). The donor is Sirius. Having extra HP makes it a lot harder for your enemies to kill you before you can detonate. Even though the game shows B and X ammo, you can't use it. After the first ICBM dies, I show another one. I have no idea what happened to this one, but for some reason, it passes right through objects and doesn't detonate when it touches borgs. Perhaps it has to do with transferring mutant borgs between memory cards; I created this mutant on one card and transferred it to another.

Force sequence: 1, 2, 3, 6, 10

4. Level 92 gold Beam Gunner (equivalent to level 98 normal). The donor is Billy. This mutant has tons of B ammo that refills quickly. His X ammo also refills quickly, so you can use the Giga Beam Cannon constantly.

Force sequence: 1,2,4,5,7,10

5. Level 112 gold Death Borg Lambda II (equivalent to level 118 normal). This mutant was found by Death Eye. The donor is Ultimate Cannon, so the mutant has 200 B ammo. It refills a little slowly, though. Unfortunately, there's no known way to give Death Borg Sigma II these attributes; the best he can do is get the attributes of Garuda.

Force sequence: 1,2,3,4,6,7,10

6. Level -127 Normal Ninja. I think this is one of the first mutants discovered. If I'm not mistaken, it was found by Voltrox747 in 2008. Normal Ninja is at the beginning of some internal "level attributes" list in the game. By going backwards from him, you're pulling data from some strange source. As a result, this mutant has a huge amount of HP; although it displays as 9999 in battle, it's a lot more than that. In this clip, I take quite a bit of damage and still don't get below 9999 HP. This mutant has no X ammo and has seemingly infinite B ammo. However, the B ammo starts out empty and takes almost five minutes to fill up. When it's full, the gauge displays as if it's nearly empty.

Force sequence: 8

7. In the next few clips, I show how level -127 Normal Ninja fares against some powerful attacks. Here, he survives several uses of Cyber Death Dragon's X charge attack.

8. Ultimate Cannon's charge attack can kill him in two shots. The damage dealt by this attack varies widely among borgs; against most borgs with large HP values, Cyber Death Dragon's charge attack is better.

9. It only takes two ICBM explosions to kill him. Again, the damage dealt by this attack varies widely.

10. Compared to the last three, Metal Hero's X attack just doesn't cut it.

11. Level -124 Normal Ninja. This one was also found by Voltrox747 and also results from pulling data from a strange source. This mutant has 0 HP and infinite ammo (both B ammo and X ammo). If you die and there's another borg on your force after this one, the next borg spawns normally. If this is the last borg in the force, you don't lose right away. The game just sits there and doesn't spawn any more borgs for you. The game isn't frozen, though; you can still pause and exit the level.

Force sequence: 1, 2, 8

12. After I saw the behavior in #11, I wondered what would happen if you won the battle while the game is just sitting there not spawning a borg for you. One way to do this is to go to "Cooperate with Kitsune to Retake the Park," where the enemies kill themselves. After dying with level -124 Normal Ninja as the last borg on my force, I waited for the enemies to blow themselves up. The defeat music played and the game froze.

13. I tested the same thing by dying, then letting my allies finish the battle. Strangely, they entered hyper mode on their own after I died. When they won, the same thing from #12 happened: The loss music played and the game froze.

14. The mutant Normal Ninjas in the last few clips were the result of pulling data from before the level attributes list. I thought that something strange might happen if I pulled data from after the list, so I tested with Death Eye, who's at the end of the list. I couldn't get the color changing glitch to work with him, so I used it on another borg, then changed that borg into Death Eye with Action Replay. This clip shows a level 39 Death Eye. He has 0000 HP (not just 0), 000 B ammo that never refills, and 999 X ammo that you can't use. When he dies, nothing strange happens like it does when level -124 Normal Ninja dies.

Force sequence: 2, 3, 6
Action Replay code for Death Eye:


15. Level 40 Death Eye. He has a huge amount of HP (like level -127 Normal Ninja), 000 B ammo that never refills, and 000 X ammo that you can't use. Perhaps you could use him to win a Versus Mode battle by boring your opponent into submission.

Force sequence: 1, 2, 3, 6

16. Level 40 Death Eye again. Like level -127 Normal Ninja, he dies in two Ultimate Cannon blasts.

17. Level 52 Death Eye. He has 24 HP, 12 B ammo, and 29 X ammo. The B ammo doesn't refill.

Force sequence: 1, 2, 5, 6

18. Level 53 Death Eye. He has 117 HP, 181 X ammo, and 182 B ammo. Perhaps those ammo totals could be a clue about where this mutant's level attributes are being pulled from. As with level 52 Death Eye, this mutant's B ammo doesn't refill. Also, for some reason, the gauge doesn't deplete until you get to 79 bullets.

Force sequence: 3, 5, 6