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  I did my Schooling in St Gabriels High School-Kazipet, Warangal,  Andhra Pradesh. As many of you know, my school is and was one of the best schools in Warangal.

     This is the place where i spent all of my Childhood and school life right from Kinder Garten to my Xth Standard.

     My primary school days remember me ...the Mango garden and  the  watch-man chase, 
after  we  stole mangoes.....  and children park in the school...... lunch hours ......Fights for Table-tennis  tables

football matches 

Jolly Sundays

Mourn-ing Mondays

and etc ...etc ....

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This is my  3rd standard group photogragh.Circled fellow is me


 This is how i was in my 9th Standard


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