My Intermediate


I did my Intermediate in APRJC ( Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior  College ), Kodigenahlli  HIndupur . This is the place where i learnt living life happily in adverse conditions. That phase was really a test for my character.

The Gurukul environment where i studied was delightful. My plus-one was full of  adventures because that was the first time in my life ever i left my home for something, though my first days out of home were miserable. 

These were the first days of our friendships. It was then i met 4 great persons as my friends and our group CHARMS  was founded by me.  The Acronym of 'CHARMS' is

 CH for Ch. Sundeep Sandilya

A for Ashwin Gadi

R for Rajashekar. A

M for Manmohan Kumar Deva

S for Sathish .

And after plus-one, we as a group got close to all others in the hostel. It was then our CHARMS was expanded with many friends and was not named b'coz the list goes on and on like  Sunil , Anil , Mahesh, Ravichandra, Rambabu, Vijay Babu, TulsiRam RamulNaik, Kedar , Nandi Shekhar etc..etc 

Dont U think it a long list, But we all were real close to Each other  

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 Ashwin (BW and CRM consultant) with me .... Manishi anee vaadu edanna sadinchagaladu anee daniki live example...really i mean it

          Rajashekar, Sunil , Mahesh,(2nd photo left to right) and Sundeep(bottom left)