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Working Papers



-  Marketmaking middlemen 

                    (with Pieter Gautier and Bo Hu), August 2016

-  Understanding the role of the public employment agency 

                    (with Christian Holzner), May 2016

-  Market structure and advance selling 

                    (with Marc Möller), October 2016

-  Middlemen: a directed search equilibrium approach

                     April 2013


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-  Refundability and price: empirical analysis on the airline industry 

                     (with Seongman Moon), September 2013

                Data file (Excel format)     Program files (STATA files)      Empirical Appendix 


-  Hot and spicy: ups and downs on the price floor and ceiling at Japanese supermarkets 

                     (with Kenn Ariga and Kenji Matsui), December 2010