Xiaoming Cai

I am an assistant professor of economics at Tongji University, Shanghai. I did my PhD at VU Amsterdam under the supervision of Pieter Gautier. My research is mainly about macroeconomics and labor economics. Here is my curriculum vitae.

Working papers:

  1. Efficiency of Wage Bargaining with On-the-job Search (2017), R and R at International Economic Review
  2. Multiple Applications, Competing Mechanisms, and Market Power, (with James Albrecht , Pieter Gautier and Susan Vroman), August 2019
  3. On the equivalence between wage posting and labor auctions, July 2017
  4. Meetings and mechanisms, (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff), August 2017
  5. Search, screening and sorting, (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff), in progress


  1. Search Frictions, Competing Mechanisms and Optimal Market Segmentation, Journal of Economic Theory (2017), Pages 453-473, (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff)
  2. Predictable recoveries, Economica (2016) 83, 307–337, (with Wouter Den Haan and Jonathan Pinder)
  3. Minimum prices in a model with search frictions and price posting, Economics Letters, Volume 135, October 2015, Pages 61-64.
  4. Collective versus decentralized wage bargaining and the efficient allocation of resources, Labour Economics, Volume 26, January 2014, pp. 34-42. (with Pieter A. Gautier, Coen N. Teulings, and Makoto Watanabe)

Contact: xmingcai@gmail.com