Xiaoming Cai

I am an assistant professor of economics at Peking University HSBC Business School, Shenzhen. I did my PhD at VU Amsterdam under the supervision of Pieter Gautier. My research is mainly about macroeconomics and labor economics. Here is my curriculum vitae.

Working papers:

  1. Search, Sorting, and Screening (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff), June 2021

  2. Meetings and mechanisms, (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff), June 2021, R & R, International Economic Review

  3. On the Foundations of Competitive Search Equilibrium with and without Market Makers, (with James Albrecht , Pieter Gautier and Susan Vroman), June 2021


  1. Efficiency of wage bargaining with on-the-job search, International Economic Review (2020), Pages 1749-1775

  2. Multiple Applications, Competing Mechanisms, and Market Power, Journal of Economic Theory (2020) (with James Albrecht , Pieter Gautier and Susan Vroman)

  3. Search Frictions, Competing Mechanisms and Optimal Market Segmentation, Journal of Economic Theory (2017), Pages 453-473, (with Pieter Gautier and Ronald Wolthoff)

  4. Predictable recoveries, Economica (2016), 307–337, (with Wouter Den Haan and Jonathan Pinder)

  5. Minimum prices in a model with search frictions and price posting, Economics Letters (2015), Pages 61-64.

  6. Collective versus decentralized wage bargaining and the efficient allocation of resources, Labour Economics (2014), pp. 34-42. (with Pieter A. Gautier, Coen N. Teulings, and Makoto Watanabe)

Contact: xmingcai@gmail.com