Source: Brown University, Watson Institute, Costs of War Project

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Professor Neta Crawford, Boston University, Costs of War Project researcher

"The Pentagon, Climate Change, and War"

remarks to Peace Action Maine, Portland, October 26, 2019

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by William Astore

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by William Astore

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by Oliver Belcher, Patrick Bigger, Benjamin Neimark & Cara Kennelly

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It is past time for the paradigm shift. We have one planet and we must see ourselves as one and we must take a stand.

by Dud Hendrick

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Too few people are connecting the dots between our gigantic military and the climate crisis. But if we love our children, if we love the miracle of life, and all our fellow species—we must make this connection clear.

by Robert Shetterly

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Source: Our Changing Climate

Published by Common Dreams, July 31, 2018

by Stacy Bannerman

Published by Alternet, March 17, 2017

The organization with the biggest carbon footprint continues to evade accountability.

by Sarah Lazare

Ellen Barfield (photo credit)

"Carbon Bomb Blows Up Near West Point" by Tarak Kauff & Katherine Ball

Ellen Barfield (photo credit)

Addicted To Militarism Means Addicted To Climate Change #PentagonClimateCrime#PentagonClimateCrime, climate change, global warming,Hiroshima, militarization, Nagasaki, Pentagon carbon footprint, Sockeye Salmo

Peace Dividend Would Be An Enormous Carbon Footprint Dividend #PentagonClimateCrime#PentagonClimateCrime, peace dividend, Pentagon carbon footprint

Why Discuss #ClimateChange With No Mention Of #PentagonClimateCrime? Follow The $$$$$#ISIL, #ISIS, #PentagonClimateCrime, contractors,Pentagon carbon footprint

#CleanPowerPlan Ignoring Pentagon's Massive Energy Use Is #ActOnClimate Smokescreen#ActOnClimate, #CleanPowerPlan, #ClimateChange,#PentagonClimateCrime, Pentagon carbon footprint

In The Slide Toward War On The Planet, Neither Corporate Party Will Put On The Brakes

#PentagonClimateCrime, Bring Our War $$ Home,CODEPINK, militarization, Pentagon budget

Obama's Budget Swan Song: Quadruple Budget For U.S. Military In Europe@DrJillStein, false dichotomy, federal budget, information control, Pentagon budget, Pentagon carbon footprint,propaganda

Occupying The Narrative Keeps Peace Candidates On Mute, Ensures War Spending Will Roll On@DrJillStein, #PentagonClimateCrime, Dr. Jill Stein, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Green Party, Pentagon budget, war funding

Review Of Apology To A Whale: Words To Mend A World By Cecile Pineda

Apology to a Whale, Cecile Pineda, Devil's Tango

UN Climate Change Conference's Paris Venue Puts Brakes On Activists #COP21#COP21, #Paris, #PentagonClimateCrime, COP21, UN Climate Change Conference

Building Weapons of Mass Destruction Bad For Security, Bad At Creating Jobs -- But Congress Still Loves Them@codepink, #PentagonClimateCrime, Bath Iron Works,conversion, General Dynamics, militarization, war economy

Maine Peace Walkers Call For Portsmouth Naval Shipyard To Convert From Building Weapons Of Mass Destruction#ActOnClimate, #PentagonClimateCrime, climate change,Demilitarize, Maine Peace Walk

image courtesy Artists Rapid Response Team (AART!) of the Maine Union of Visual Artists

"Across 100 Miles of Ocean" by Akio Tanaka