I was always very pleased with the help I received from Margie. She gives great tips for college admissions, the SATs and college essays, and is always very reassuring about the entire (often terrifying) application process. What really sets Margie apart is the way that she provides advice on the various parts of the application, such as the essay, but also leaves the student space to show their own personality and strengths. I highly recommend Margie for all matters SAT and college!

Dear Ms. Maidman, I would like to thank you so much for helping me with my essays and supporting me in the college process. I am so proud of what I was able to achieve (Colorado College, UCLA, honors programs) and you are honestly the first person I would thank. Visits with you helped me grow as a writer, helped me gain confidence, and allowed me to relax. You truly helped me make my dreams a reality.

I have known Margery since my sophomore year of high school. She first helped me enhance my Basic English skills, such as formulating strong essays and taking concise notes. After a few sessions, my grades went from low B’s to A’s. During my junior year, Margery helped me prepare for the SAT and ACT by teaching me tricks to save time and use logical approaches to problem solving. She was able to notice my strong points and help me improve upon my weaker areas. As my senior year steadily approached, she was my go-to during the college application process. Margery helped me finalize my list of schools and complete my common application with all the supplemental essays. As the year came to an end, I applied for numerous scholarships through my town, and, with her assistance, I was awarded three of these scholarships! After graduation, my relationship with Margery has still remained strong. Although I am now in college, Margery is still an important resource for me. Last semester, she reviewed my scholarship and honors applications and gave me insightful feedback. She is always available when needed and flexible with scheduling. Margery Maidman has taught me useful skills which have helped me grow to be a stronger student and application candidate. All that I have accomplished over the past four years would not have been possible without Margery. The most meaningful thing she has provided me with is confidence in my abilities. I would highly recommend using her services for any type of tutoring or assistance you may need!!

Ms. Maidman, I am going to enroll at Johns Hopkins University this fall. I was also accepted at: Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), Emory, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Tufts, Wellesley College, Boston College, UNC-Chapel Hill, College of William and Mary, and my two safety schools. Thank you so much for working with me--I really couldn't have done it without you!

Margery, I just wanted to let you know that I got into Johns Hopkins under early decision! Thank you for all of your help! I’m sure that my SAT scores were a big factor in the decision.


Margie Maidman’s success as a tutor is due in large part to her patience, her skills as a communicator and her ability to intuitively recognize the strengths of those she tutors. Under Margie’s guidance, my son developed the skills and confidence to succeed as a student. Over the course of a year, Margie and my son tackled school work, SAT preparation and college essay writing. He learned how to analyze literature, decipher problems and articulate and communicate thoughts. I witnessed my son’s grades improve, his SAT scores rise and his confidence as a writer and student emerge. Margie has earned my family’s respect and admiration!

Margie was a great choice for SAT/ACT tutoring for our son. With the one-on-one sessions, she was able to tailor the work to his specific needs and goals. She is knowledgeable about both tests in terms of strategies and material. She is a great resource and we look forward to working with her again when our daughter is ready for test prep.

I used Margie to tutor my daughter for academic support from tenth grade through high school graduation. She prepared her for SAT exams, college essays and the application process. Margie made the whole experience STRESS-FREE for our family. She established confidence in our daughter who is now attending college and thriving. We could not have made these decisions without Margie’s expertise, patience, and encouragement.

Margie helped my daughter get high SAT scores (close to 2400), which was terrific. She is an expert who understands how to guide the student to prepare for reading and the writing. She helped my daughter build a test strategy. My daughter also learned new writing techniques during the process. I have already recommended her to other friends and family.

Ms. Maidman tutored both of my children to assist them with taking the SAT exams and increasing their scores. My daughter has a learning disability and had particular difficulty in math, and with the help of Ms. Maidman she was able to increase her math score over 100 points on the SAT exam. In addition, my daughter was able to utilize the learning strategies taught by Ms. Maidman to succeed with her academic subjects in the classroom. My son was also able to increase his scores significantly on the SAT exams in both math and reading. Ms. Maidman proved to be an excellent teacher/tutor for both my son and daughter. Her teaching methods worked very effectively which helped to strengthen my children’s reading and math skills for the SAT exams and in the classroom.