Private Tutoring

Reading, Writing, Study Skills, Grades 1-12

Reading skills include decoding, vocabulary work, close reading and comprehension strategies.

Writing skills include sentence structure, grammar, organizing ideas, developing paragraphs, essays, and research papers.

Study skills include strategies for organizing and connecting information, relating big ideas and supporting details, and test-taking. Students are introduced to numerous active learning strategies to determine which best fit their thinking and learning styles.


Preparation for these major assessments includes reviewing important writing, math and science (ACT) concepts, skills, and information; learning and practicing critical reading skills; learning and practicing key test-taking strategies; and developing confidence and stamina. There is ongoing analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses so that sessions can be of greatest benefit to the student.

College Applications and Essays

College application essays are a critical piece of the college application; admissions committees read them carefully to discover what makes a student unique and interesting. Tutoring sessions help students identify, draft, and refine original topics that will showcase their special challenges, experiences, and insights. Assistance is also available for completing the Common Application and college supplements.

Resumes (students and adults)

Every student should have a resume to present to prospective employers and admissions officers. Assistance includes identifying key skills, activities, and experiences, and organizing and presenting information in a clear and effective format.

Interviewing Skills

Students are coached in what to expect and how to best present themselves in college interviews.


Remote classes for grades 3-5 are being offered. Please contact for more information.