Maidman Tutoring Services

Sharon, MA

Margery Maidman

Tel. 781-249-4263

Maidman Tutoring Services is a tutoring and consulting service that provides academic instruction and support, SAT and ACT test preparation, and college application/ essay assistance to students in Grades 2-12.  Located in Sharon, Massachusetts, Maidman Tutoring Services, specializing in one-to-one instruction, small group instruction, and remote learning, has served hundreds of students locally and nation-wide since 2008. 

Margery, M.A.T., is a seasoned literacy coach, teacher, and college prep expert with over forty years experience in education.  Ms. Maidman has taught at the elementary, middle school, high school and university levels, and has provided literacy coaching in Massachusetts Schools.  She has experience working with gifted and talented students as well as with students in need of academic support. Additionally, she has extensive training in current educational methods for reading, writing, study strategies, and differentiated instruction.

Margery has been a consultant and monthly contributor to AMBOOKBABY, a customized book club which provided award-winning books, literacy and art activities, and childhood development guidelines to families of young children in China and elsewhere. Recently, she has expanded her practice to offering remote classes for grades 3-5, with the goal of furthering student critical thinking, reading comprehension, and writing skills through quality literature.

Margery is also an educator and consultant for, an education non-profit dedicated to teachin kids about artificial intelligence and its potential to shape the future. provides accessible and high-quality education to children of all backgrounds, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and contribute to a world increasingly shaped by A.I. 

Margery received her B.A. in English from Brown University and M.A.T. in English Education from the University of Chicago.