Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve (Maidenahalli), Tumkur Dist.

 Information on the Grasslands of Tumkur district


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Location and area:
This area is located 23 KM to the north east of Madhuguri town (Karnataka) and about 20 KM to the west of Hindupur town (Andhra Pradesh).

Geographical co-ordinates: The area lies between Latitude   77 18' - 77  20' E
                                                                          Longitude 13  44' - 13 16' N 

                                         Maidenahalli watch tower co-ordinates: 13 44' 20'' N and 77 19' 41'' E

Here is Maidenahalli / Jayamangali area on google maps:

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Mean Altitude:
The mean altitude is 650 metres above sea level.

The climate varies greatly according to the seasons. The temperature varies between a minimum of 8 degree centigrade in winter to a maximum of 43 degree centigrade in summer.

The rainy season is from late June to mid-October. The average of rainfall is approximately 30 to 35 cm.