Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation Reserve (Maidenahalli), Tumkur Dist.

 Information on the Grasslands of Tumkur district


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Wildlife Aware Nature Club, WANC - as it is popularly known, was established in 1990. The first organization to be formed in Tumkur District for the cause of nature and wildlife conservation, WANC today is considered as the most active & dedicated environmental NGO in this region. Working at grass-root level and carrying the message nation wide and internationally, WANC is an example on what small voluntary NGOs can achieve.

 Among its activities, WANC has been at the forefront of conservation of dry land habitats particularly grasslands like those at Jayamangali reserve/ Maidenahalli. Below is one of the posters produced and distributed by WANC among the people surrounding Maidenahalli blackbuck area.

Poster on Maidenahalli

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