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     Please take a moment to check out what is happening in the Marshall Native Gardens below or to explore our many webpages (shown along the left side of this homepage) which provides details about our many themed gardens which you can visit and learn about.  We have a self guided interpretive tour for use by all our visitors which allows them to scan QR codes found on many of our displays to learn about native plants and why they are important.  You also can virtually visit our gardens now on this homepage by clicking on the linked tour stops seen below.

Click the links to view our virtual tours and/or the many themed gardens

    Overview of the entire gardens - Virtual Garden Tour     

  At Entry Garden Sign -  Stop 2  Overview - 
At Entry Garden Sign -  Stop 2  Details -  

At Shrub Garden Sign - Stop 3 Overview -  

At Shrub Garden Sign - Stop 3 Details -

At Water Cisterns -  Stop 4 Overview -  

  At Butterfly Garden Sign - Stop 5 Overview -

At Butterfly Garden Sign - Stop 5 Details -

 At Forest Farm Sign -   Stop 6 Overview -

  At Forest Farm Sign -  Stop 6 Details -

 At "Chestnut" Sign -- Stop 7 Overview -

 At Rain Garden Sign - Stop 8  Overview -

 At "Woodland" Sign - Stop 9 Overview -

At "Woodland" Sign - Stop 9 Details -

 At Native Grasses Sign - Stop 10  Overview -

At Native Grasses Sign -  Stop 10 Details -

 At Medicinals Sign - Stop 11 Overview -

 At Medicinals Sign - Stop 11 Details -

At Bird Garden Sign - Stop 12 Overview -

At Bird Garden Sign - Stop 12 Details -

  *  NOTE :   Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Madison County (for the grant to help fund this tour project),  Jim Thorsen (the DJ vocals on overviews tracts),  Rita Pelczar (writer/editor on tour content), and Primrose (for their great interspersed mountain music).

  2021:  Planning A Better Year in the Gardens  

      Due to ongoing safety concerns about the spread of Covid 19, this year  we will not be having a spring fundraiser plant sale.  Instead, as we did last year,  we will be having an online plant sale in the fall of 2021.  Then, we will again be offering a large variety native perennials, shrubs, and tree from local growers...  Stay tuned for details and thanks for your support !

        2020 was a trying year to manage visitors in and projects in our native gardens.  In spite of those obstacles we were able to complete the design and construction of a new large storage building that serves the  Friends of the Madison County Library and Marshall Native Gardens Initiative needs.  This new building was the culmination of years of planning and fundraising and we are proud to say that it turned out very well.  We were also able to install an attached gated outside garden maintenance area for our garden tools and miscellaneous supplies and to install landscape plantings around the new building

Garden Users & Volunteers:
Everyone is invited to use these public Native Gardens - free of charge.  These gardens provide a great space to walk, experience nature, and learn about the native plants.  During these pandemic times - if you feel well,  we encourage you to come to the gardens but please do wear your mask and practice social distancing to help protect yourself and others.  

We rely on volunteers to develop and maintain these gardens and the public to help support these gardens.  So, if you are interested in learning how to get involved as a volunteer or want to donate your time or funds,  please contact me for details.

Let's Grow Native Plants,

Ed McNally

Marshall Native Gardens Coordinator


Gardens Background:

  Marshall Native Gardens are located on the 4.2 acre grounds of the Madison County Public Library in Marshall, NC.   These gardens are open to the public free of charge.  This native garden was envisioned, designed, constructed, and is maintained by Marshall Native Gardens Initiative (MNGI) in cooperation with the Library Director & Madison County. 
  MNGI is a very diverse all volunteer group -  we have no paid staff.  So, we love and rely on volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels.   All are welcome who want to learn about native plants,  sustainable gardening,  and/or mountain agriculture. Our focus is to provide education about the importance of native plants through interpretive displays & demonstration gardens. 

These Are Our 
Valued  Partners,
Sponsors & Collaborators :

Marshall, NC  (note that MNGI is part of this entity...)

   Marshall, NC
 Marshall, NC

Timbersong Girls, 
Weaverville, NC
Project Challenge,  NC  Inc.

Nathan Buchanan,  Wildbud Natives
Marshall, NC

French Broad Electric Cooperative, 
Marshall, NC

Southern Highlands Reserve, Lake Toxaway, NC

Carolina Native Nursery, Burnsville, NC

Asheville, NC

Robert Eidus -  Eagle Feather Farm 
and NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Company
Audubon Society,  Asheville, NC