Our July 13th  GREEN POWER HOUR has been cancelled.

                  MEETING SCHEDULE                     
  Our next meeting will be Saturday, July 18th at noon.  We meet in the  library conference room. Join us for a  brown bag lunch and discussion of how plans are progressing.

  We'll have a morning work day before the
 meeting, starting at 9:00 a.m.
                               Everyone welcome!


                     2015 WORK DAYS                         

Put it on your calendar now.....                        
    workdays are the third Saturday of the    
        month starting at 9 a.m.                             
              Green Power Hour 5-6 p.m.                
                   second Monday of the month.     

A great source of native plants is Bear Wallow Native Plants and Nursery.   Nancy Fink, owner, is an active member of the Marshall Native Plants Initiative.  
 Great Success of
Plant & Garden Treasures

Thanks to everyone for visiting our Plant and Garden Treasure Sale.  It was a grand success!  We raised $3500 to continue work on the library property. 


   We've finished installation of the butterfly garden with a wide variety of favorite nectar and host plants of local butterflies. 

  Come check out what has been planted.  With the almost daily rain, the gardens will grow quickly.  Stop or drive by and take a look, you'll see that the plants are changing almost daily.