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   Marshall Native Gardens are located on the 4.2 acre grounds  of  the  Madison  County  Public Library in Marshall, NC.   Gardens are open to the public and free of charge.  These native gardens were envisioned, designed, constructed, and maintained by Marshall Native Gardens Initiative - MNGI. -- in cooperation with the Library Director & Madison County. 
     MNGI is a very diverse all volunteer group with no paid staff.  So, we love and rely on volunteers of all backgrounds and skill levels.  All are welcome who want to learn about native plants,  sustainable gardening,  and/or  mountain agriculture. Our focus is to provide education about the importance of native plants through interpetive displays & demonstration gardens.
     To get involved or for more info check out our many linked pages on the left of this webpage or contact Ed at 828-333-3883.     

Happenings in The Gardens

   November pretty much marks the end our 2019 garden season. It has been a good year. This month Marshall Native Gardens Initiative does have a number of great activities including --- An educational presentation on Birds coming up mid-month, three French Broad River Academy work days to put the finishing touches on some of our projects, and a big  THANK  YOU  PARTY for all our many volunteers and garden friends. 

These events are further highlighted below:

1.   Thursday, November 7th starting at 10am until 1:30pm we will have the French Broad Academy School for Girls onsite to do a service day.  We will be finishing up on trail projects and miscellanous gardens maintenance. At 12:30pm we will have pizza with the kids. So, please join us....

2.    Saturday, November 16th  we will have a  THANK  YOU  PARTY  for all our many volunteers and garden friends instead of a work day and meeting; foregoing work and focus on socializing and having some fun and celebrating our 2019 garden year...   The party will start in the Meeting Room of the Library at 12 noon with the food arriving at about 12:30pm  –  Please arrive at noon or RSVP so I know how much food to have on hand.   All are welcome!

3.   Tuesday, November 19th at 10am we will host what is sure to be a very educational presentation by the Audubon Society - “Birds & Climate Change – Survival by Degrees”.  You will not want to miss this as Tom Tribble will be presenting, he knows his stuff, and he will be able answer questions you may have about out feathered friends.

4.   Wednesday, November 20th from 9:30am until 1pm we will have the French Broad Academy School for Boys onsite to assist with a trail construction project. Come out to help or just to supervise... We have a pizza party around 12:30pm with this crew that all are welcome to join in.

5.   Thursday, November 21st at 10am until 1pm will have the French Broad Academy School for Girls onsite to do a service day.  We will be doing trail maintenance. Then, at 12:30pm we will have pizza with the kids. So, join us...

As Porky Pig would say – That's all Folks!

    Please call Ed if you have any questions at 828-333-3883.


 Above: Marshall Native Gardens Initiative Logo 

These Are Our 
Valued Partners,
Sponsors &  Collaborators:

French Broad Electric Cooperative, Marshall, NC
Madison County Public Library, Marshall NC

Southern Highlands Reserve, Lake Toxaway, NC
Carolina Native Nursery, Burnsville, NC
Asheville, NC

Nathan Buchanan,  Wildbud Natives,
Marshall, NC

NC Aboretum,  Asheville, NC

Reems Creek Nursery, Weaverville, NC

Southeastern Native Plant Nursery,
Candler, NC

Robert Eidus -  Eagle Feather Farm 
and NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Company
Audubon Society,  Asheville, NC

Project Challenge,  NC  Inc.

Timbersong Girls

 $$$ Donations,     new  members  and volunteers, partners,  sponsors,  and collaborators,  are always welcomed.