Dear MacEngFifteen users,

I hope your exam studying is going well and I hope this website has been useful to you.

I really appreciate the thanks you've given me. I've been given a round of applause at CAS info night and I've been awarded "Most Valuable Peer" by the Software Engineering Club.

I don’t benefit from its existence, but I started this website to be a community page. I never set up this website thinking that I'd be the only person contributing to it. Since then, I have created multiple systems to help make it easier to upload your own files over Facebook.

I had plans to pursue my goal of making a completely new website this summer that would make it easier to upload files. I would let you add a link to your own Google Docs / Dropbox / etc. files or upload directly through the page. This is despite the fact that I can already easily upload something manually if you PM me the link. I would give you the option to attach a name to your file and rate other people's files for things like cheat sheets or the usefulness of tests. I would let you add comments to files about things that people should add to their notes.

Unfortunately, I noticed that I'm pretty much the only one who ever contributes to the site. The exceptions are when I specifically go to people and ask them to contribute. That is why I will be removing all public access to MacEngFifteen files this upcoming Monday, April 14th, unless (and until) at least 20 unique files are uploaded to the Mac CourseDatabase Community group, including 5 non-engineering files. That means ask your friends, upper year students, people in other faculties, anyone with McMaster notes and past tests to upload files. If there are 30/+ files uploaded, only then will I redo the website. It shouldn't be too difficult, considering I already have hundreds of files on this website. I'll also help out by asking my own friends and counting those files as part of the 20.

I want this to become a thing that we all try to be a part of, not just a resource where you leech off others' generosity.

Good luck,


P.S. you may e-mail me directly if you do not wish to use Facebook as a medium at

P.P.S. e-mail me if you'd like to schedule for us to meet at a library on campus if that is preferable

P.P.P.S. See my response.