My Name

"Ma-Rhine" "Bol-House"

My first name is derived from Latin marinus meaning "marine; of" or "pertaining to the sea". The English pronunciation of my first name is "Ma-Rhine", like the European river that reaches the North Sea less than 20 km from where I was born. I spent most of my college years in the city of Utrecht that was founded as a frontier Roman fortress along the northern banks of the Rhine.

The Spanish pronunciation of my first name is "Marin", which is also a common surname in Southern Europe and Latin America, and a given name in the Balkans.

I use Maryn as an alias to facilitate spelling and pronunciation of my first name, as is common for Dutch people living abroad with an "ij" in their name (e.g. Piet Heyn, Johan Cruyff, Anner Bylsma, Arie Luyendyk), and for international companies (Spyker, Feyenoord).

My last name refers to a former summer residence (buitenplaats) in the northeasternmost province of the Netherlands, first inhabited by Reformation chronicler Abel Eppens and later by admiral Enno Doedes Star. In English, it is most easily pronounced as "Bol-House".