Research Interests of Maarten Buijsman

My research interests are related to tide-topography interaction: internal tide generation, propagation and dissipation; breaking internal waves; global and regional (internal) tide modelling; tides and residual transport in estuaries; sediment transport.

I have worked on the following topics:
  1. Regional and Global Modelling of (Internal) Tides
  2. Process Studies of Internal Tide Generation and Dissipation
  3. Estuarine Flows and Sediment Transport

Job Opportunity:

Internal tide scattering by the Gulfstream

The semidiurnal internal tides from Georges Bank are trapped, refracted, and reflected by the Gulf Stream. Top panel: internal tides are visible in the semidiurnal band-passed steric SSH. Bottom panel: subtidal steric SSH shows the Gulftream meanders. Steric SSH is extracted from 1-month of global 8-km HYCOM simulations (Jay Shriver). For more info. on wave interaction in the Gulfstream: Duda, T.F., Y. Lin, M. Buijsman, and A.E. Newhall, 2018: Internal Tidal Modal Ray Refraction and Energy Ducting in Baroclinic Gulf Stream Currents. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 48, 1969–1993,

Last updated: 2018/08