Research Interests of Maarten Buijsman

My research interests are related to tide-topography interaction: internal tide generation, propagation and dissipation; breaking internal waves; global and regional (internal) tide modelling; tides and residual transport in estuaries; sediment transport.

I have worked on the following topics:
  1. Regional and Global Modelling of (Internal) Tides
  2. Process Studies of Internal Tide Generation and Dissipation
  3. Estuarine Flows and Sediment Transport

Job Opportunity:
Starting fall 2019, I am looking for a skilled and motivated B.S. or M.S. student to work on the NSF funded graduate project “Collaborative research: Interactions between Internal Waves, Mesoscale Eddies, and Submesoscale Currents in the California Current System”. This project will contribute to a better understanding of the generation and fate of internal tides, the dissipation of which is relevant for the overturning circulation and global climate. If interested, please contact me by email (see the full ad here).

Internal tide scattering by the Gulfstream

The semidiurnal internal tides from Georges Bank are trapped, refracted, and reflected by the Gulf Stream. Top panel: internal tides are visible in the semidiurnal band-passed steric SSH. Bottom panel: subtidal steric SSH shows the Gulftream meanders. Steric SSH is extracted from 1-month of global 8-km HYCOM simulations (Jay Shriver). For more info. on wave interaction in the Gulfstream: Duda, T.F., Y. Lin, M. Buijsman, and A.E. Newhall, 2018: Internal Tidal Modal Ray Refraction and Energy Ducting in Baroclinic Gulf Stream Currents. J. Phys. Oceanogr., 48, 1969–1993,

Last updated: 2018/08