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Children's Miracle Network is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for 170 children's hospitals. Phi Delta Epsilon Chapters each raise at least $1000 for their local children's hospital and complete two service projects at the hospital each year. For more information on how you can help your local CMN hospital, visit www.cmn.org.


Whether you are working on making medical school a reality, gaining the edge on the medical school application process, studying for the USMLE or preparing for the National Residency Matching program, our Kaplan partnership is here to help! Every active member of PhiDE will receive 10% off resources and materials from Kaplan and Kaplan Medical. Log onto your members only account or contact your chapter president for details.

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Do you believe in using pictures in learning? Are you yourself a visual learner? Picmonic allows users to memorize, understand and retain large  quantities of information, whether you are preparing for the MCAT or are in Medical School, this product will help you succeed. For more information please visit: www.picmonic.com

Geico provides an array of benefits to the fraternity. They provide inquiry fees, sponsorship, advertising, welcome pages, events, and discounts. Geico believes that by supporting the fraternity's various events and programs the members will be able to better engage and connect.

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Medscape offers a variety of expert perspectives and latest medical news through an online global site for healthcare professionals and physicians worldwide. MA Alpha is extremely excited over this partnership and the various benefits that are to come.

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