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November 2018


"We analyzed patterns of Bartonella transmission and likely sources of spillover using the largest collection of Bartonella gltA genotypes assembled, including 67 new genotypes."

Global fingerprint of humans on the distribution of Bartonella bacteria in mammals


Late Form of Lyme

15 Year Old With Wide

Complex Tachyarrhythmia


Extensive Distribution of Lyme Disease

In Multiple Tick Species

Medical Cannabis

Low Back Pain

Fibromyalgia Symptoms


"...the presence of Cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes virus simplex (HSV), and parvovirus B19 (PVB19) in the placental tissue...

The prevalence of transplacental viral infections as a cause of spontaneous abortion should be considered high in the

placenta with villitis."

Detection of Viruses in Placentas

Epidemiology of Lyme in

Pennsylvania 2006-2014

Using electronic health records

Diagnosis Of Rabies In Patients

Receiving IV Immune Globulin


"... because OPV [oral polio vaccine] contains live, attenuated virus, it carries the rare risk for reversion to neurovirulence. In areas with very low OPV coverage, prolonged transmission of vaccine-associated viruses can lead to the emergence of vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs), which can cause outbreaks of paralytic poliomyelitis."

Outbreak of Vaccine-Derived Polio Virus

First Case of Andes Virus


In the United States — Delaware

Mexico- Quote

"At the beginning, it was suspected that the patient had a dengue virus infection, which was confirmed positive by an ELISA test. Patient’s rapid deterioration, multi-organic failure and the characteristics of her exanthema led to the suspicion of the presence of RMSF. We started doxycycline treatment; however, patient died after seven days of evolution. It was confirmed a co-infection of Rickettssia spp. and dengue virus."

Fatal Case of Coinfections

Rickettiosis & Dengue Virus


"MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and PTLDS (Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome) can be confused neuropsychologically because both exhibit similar levels of psychomotor slowing. However, problems on memory-related tasks, though mild, are more pronounced in PTLDS. PTLDS patients with poorer memory also exhibit poorer language fluency, and less deficit in processing speed and attention compared to MDD."

NeurocognitionIn Post Treatment Lyme &

Major Depressive Disorder


"A meta-analysis of nine studies showed significantly fewer adverse birth outcomes in women reported to have been treated for gestational LD (11%, 95%CI 7–16) compared to those who were not treated during pregnancy (50%, 95%CI 30–70) providing indirect evidence of an association between gestational LD and adverse birth outcomes.“

Impact of Gestational Lyme Disease

Detection of Tick-Borne Infections

In Morgellons Patients

Extensive Diversity of RNA

Viruses In Australian Ticks

Role of MSIDS In Treating

Chronic Lyme Disease

Leaf Latex of Aloe Plant

Kills Ticks

1st Report- Canada

Borrelia bissettii Found In

Ticks in New Brunswick

1st Report

Southeast USA & North America

Borrelia bissetti & Borrelia burgdorferi

Inter- and Intraspecies-specific

Adhesion of Lyme borreliae

To Human keratinocytes


High Prevelance of Babesia

In Lyme Infected Patients

Lyme ACA In Children &

Review Of The Literature

Superbugs Kill 33,000

In Europe Each Year

3/4 of Infections From

Hospitals & Health Care Facilities


Ticks Discovered To Have

Large Number of Infectious Organisms


12 Infections Found In Ticks

Many NOT Known To Be There Previously

Quote- "The detected pathogens not only included species that were known to be endemic in Pakistan, such as Theileria annulata (6.7%), Theileria orientalis (3.5%), Anaplasma marginale (5.7%), Anaplasma centrale (2.7%), Anaplasma ovis (1.5%), Babesia bigemina (0.7%) and Babesia bovis (0.2%), but also several TBPs that had not been reported to occur in Pakistan before. This included Ehrlichia minasensis (3.2%), an Anaplasma platys-like organism (1.2%), Babesia occultans (0.2%) and Rickettsia massiliae (0.2%), as well as two previously uncharacterized species: Ehrlichia sp. Multan (18.0%) and Anaplasma sp.

(BL099-6) (2.22%)."

Tick Borne Pathogens In Pakistan


Tularemia Agent In Ticks

Bartonella DNA Detected in

Spinal Fluid of Only 1/172 Dogs

Advanced Heart Block In

Children With Lyme Disease


"This study indicated an 85% probability that a randomly selected TBD patient will respond to Borrelia and other related TBD microbes rather than to Borrelia alone."

Polymicrobial Immune Responses

In Patients Suffering

From Tick Borne Diseases



Neurological Presentations of

Bartonella henselae Infection

Pediatric Bilateral

Facial Paralysis


"A high positivity for coxiellosis was detected in sera (29.91%) and milk (26.73%) samples of dairy cattle as well as sera from human contacts (84.21%) by ELISA. The trans-PCR detected the pathogen in 12.94% sera, 14.73% vaginal swabs and 5.53% milk samples of cattle, and in one soil sample, however, the sera of the farm workers and tick were tested negative."

Q-Fever In Cattle & Humans


Under Detection Of Lyme Disease


Distribution of Deer Ticks In

Northwestern Ontario

Inhibitory Effects of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic

On Babesia divergens and Babesia mictroti

Intrauterine Transmission of Anaplasma

In Persistently Infected Lambs

The Latest News


November 2018


Set For Horrorific Tick Season-

Be Vigilant Of Deadly Disease &

Toxic Tick Bites

Tick Borne Disease

Working Group- 2018

Report To Congress

42,743 times 10 equals

427,430 cases of

Lyme disease in US

Dr. Daniel Cameron

Sues Blogger For

$1 Million

Citing Libel

Dirty Vaccines

Comtaminated With

Metals & Debris

Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn

Our Immune System Against Us

Japan Leading the World In

Exposing Fraud With Gardasil

HPV Vaccine Injuries & Deaths


Patient Sues

Allegations of Negligence,

Malpractice & Breach of Contract

The Flu Shots

What Ads Are Not Telling You

"I Jumped Off The

Golden Gate Bridge"

California Launches Investigation

Following Stunning Admission

By Aetna Medical Director

Common Prescription Drugs

Linked To Increased

Risk of Dementia


Wildlife Lab Gets $500,000

Grant For Tick Research


Spreading The Word

To Help Others

Moorpark Resident

Battles Lyme Disease

Victoria's Secret

Fashion Show Star

Feels Healthy Again

2017 Reported Cases of

Lyme & TBD Are Out

President Donald Trump

Declares Flu Shots Are

"Virtually Totally Ineffective"

Raw Milk Boosts Immunity &

Fights Infections

Thousands Sue Merck

For Shingles Vaccine

"Causing What It's Suppose To Prevent"

Medical Exemptions

For Vaccines

Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Vaccination Without Representation

Government Agency Allows

$10 Supplements To

Be Banned And

Become $40,000 Drugs

Leaky Gut Solutions

That Accelerate Healing

Top 3 Facts About

Flu Vaccines for

2017-2018 Season

HPV Vaccine Makes It

Difficult To Get Pregnant

Teens Diagnosed With MS

After Gardasil Vaccine

Hand Dryers Suck In

Fecal Bacteria &

Spreads To Hands

Big Pharma Company Has

License Suspended As

Vaccine Sterilizes 500,000 Girls

Lyme Disease Diagnostic

Market Is Growing

Why Doctors Are Dead

Wrong About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Is Scurvey of the Bone

Not A Calcium Deficiency


Emergence of TBE

[Tick Borne Encephalitis]

Tick Borne Disease Is

Multiple Microbial

Epstein Barr Virus

Herbal Treatments

FDA Not Doing Enough To

Prevent Medical Devise Hacking

Dr. Paul Offit's Promo For

"Bad Advise" Falls Flat

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