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November 2018

"We analyzed patterns of Bartonella transmission and likely sources of spillover using the largest collection of Bartonella gltA genotypes assembled, including 67 new genotypes."

Global fingerprint of humans on the distribution of Bartonella bacteria in mammals


15 Year Old With Wide 

Extensive Distribution of Lyme Disease

Medical Cannabis
Low Back Pain

"...the presence of Cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes virus simplex (HSV), and parvovirus B19 (PVB19) in the placental tissue... 
The prevalence of transplacental viral infections as a cause of spontaneous abortion should be considered high in the 
placenta with villitis."

Epidemiology of Lyme in 

Pennsylvania 2006-2014 

Using electronic health records

Diagnosis Of Rabies In Patients 

"... because OPV [oral polio vaccine] contains live, attenuated virus, it carries the rare risk for reversion to neurovirulence. In areas with very low OPV coverage, prolonged transmission of vaccine-associated viruses can lead to the emergence of vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs), which can cause outbreaks of paralytic poliomyelitis."

First Case of Andes Virus 

Mexico- Quote

"At the beginning, it was suspected that the patient had a dengue virus infection, which was confirmed positive by an ELISA test. Patient’s rapid deterioration, multi-organic failure and the characteristics of her exanthema led to the suspicion of the presence of RMSF. We started doxycycline treatment; however, patient died after seven days of evolution. It was confirmed a co-infection of Rickettssia spp. and dengue virus."

Fatal Case of Coinfections


"MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and PTLDS (Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome) can be confused neuropsychologically because both exhibit similar levels of psychomotor slowing. However, problems on memory-related tasks, though mild, are more pronounced in PTLDS. PTLDS patients with poorer memory also exhibit poorer language fluency, and less deficit in processing speed and attention compared to MDD."

NeurocognitionIn Post Treatment Lyme &

"A meta-analysis of nine studies showed significantly fewer adverse birth outcomes in women reported to have been treated for gestational LD (11%, 95%CI 7–16) compared to those who were not treated during pregnancy (50%, 95%CI 30–70) providing indirect evidence of an association between gestational LD and adverse birth outcomes.“

Detection of Tick-Borne Infections 

Extensive Diversity of RNA 

Role of MSIDS In Treating 

Leaf Latex of Aloe Plant 

1st Report- Canada
Borrelia bissettii Found In 

1st Report 
Southeast USA & North America

Inter- and Intraspecies-specific 

Adhesion of Lyme borreliae 

To Human keratinocytes

High Prevelance of Babesia 

Lyme ACA In Children &

Superbugs Kill 33,000 
In Europe Each Year  
3/4 of Infections From 

Ticks Discovered To Have 


12 Infections Found In Ticks 

Many NOT Known To Be There Previously

Quote- "The detected pathogens not only included species that were known to be endemic in Pakistan, such as Theileria annulata (6.7%), Theileria orientalis (3.5%), Anaplasma marginale (5.7%), Anaplasma centrale (2.7%), Anaplasma ovis (1.5%), Babesia bigemina (0.7%) and Babesia bovis (0.2%), but also several TBPs that had not been reported to occur in Pakistan before. This included Ehrlichia minasensis (3.2%), an Anaplasma platys-like organism (1.2%), Babesia occultans (0.2%) and Rickettsia massiliae (0.2%), as well as two previously uncharacterized species: Ehrlichia sp. Multan (18.0%) and Anaplasma sp. 

(BL099-6) (2.22%)."

Tick Borne Pathogens In Pakistan


Tularemia Agent In Ticks

Bartonella DNA Detected in 

Spinal Fluid of Only 1/172 Dogs

Advanced Heart Block In 

Children With Lyme Disease


"This study indicated an 85% probability that a randomly selected TBD patient will respond to Borrelia and other related TBD microbes rather than to Borrelia alone."

Polymicrobial Immune Responses 

In Patients Suffering 

From Tick Borne Diseases


Neurological Presentations of 

Bartonella henselae Infection 

Pediatric Bilateral 

"A high positivity for coxiellosis was detected in sera (29.91%) and milk (26.73%) samples of dairy cattle as well as sera from human contacts (84.21%) by ELISA. The trans-PCR detected the pathogen in 12.94% sera, 14.73% vaginal swabs and 5.53% milk samples of cattle, and in one soil sample, however, the sera of the farm workers and tick were tested negative."


Distribution of Deer Ticks In 

Inhibitory Effects of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic 

Intrauterine Transmission of Anaplasma 


September 2018

Severe Abdominal Pain As 

Tetracycline Antibiotics 

Phase 3 Trial Of An

Epstein Barr
Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma &
CNS Disease

Epstein Barr Virus With 
Transverse Mylitis & 

August 30

Infectious Mononucleosis & 
Lyme Disease

August 29

Ehrlichia muris Discovered 

August 28

Graft Loss- Ehrlichiosis
Transfusion Blood Stem 

August 26

Borrelia miymaotoi 

August 25

August 23

Continuous Antibiotic 
Treatment for 
Adults With Repeated 

August 22

New Species

Introducing EU- Wide 
Surveillence of

August 21

1st Report of
Cerebral Infarction

Borrelia miyamotoi 

Candidatus Borrelia kalaharica

Bartonella Linked To 
Uveitis With Various 
Ophthalmic Manifestations  
From Neuroretinits, 
Vascular Occlusions & 

Bartonella Linked To 
Transvere Myletis &

Mexico/California Border
Large Epidemic of 

Fatal Tick Borne Phlebovirus 

2 Tick Borne Encephilitis 
Viruses Causing 2 Different 

Myan Community 
Attitudes & Practices Related 

First Report Of 

10 Types of Spotted Fever 
Discovered In Ticks- 

Infectious Disease Doctors 
Refer To Lyme As 

 First Case of Lyme From India 

August 19

Ecobiology, Vector Significance & 

Control of Hyalomma Ticks

Anaplasma Found In Ticks

For $31.50
Hold The Mayo Wants To 
(Use that money to get ice cream instead!)

August 17

Pilot Study- IGeneX ImmunoBlots

August 16

National & International
Different Strains & 
What They Affect (Body Parts) &
Tick Attachment Time To 

August 15

Longhorned Ticks In 

Next Generation Sequencing In 

Double Vision Presenting 

August 12

Pelvic Osteomyelitis In A
 3 Yr. Old Caused By Bartonella
And A Review Of The 

Good News!
If You Are Bitten By A 
Vampire Bat In Mexico 

Yale Claims to Have Invented 

Where To Find Stats On 
Reported Cases of 

CDC Form For Reporting 

Wear Sunscreen Faithfully When On 

August 8

Genetic Diversity of 
Borrelia afzelii 
Not Maintained By 

Ticks, Babesiosis & 
Anaplasmosis And 

58.7% Of Ticks Positive 
For Spotted Fever
No Lyme or Anaplasma 

Food Additive Kills 

August 7

Septic Shock Caused By 


Lyme Arthritis:

August 4

Wormser & Shapiro
Lyme Disease in 2018

Persistently Seronegative 
Neuroborreliosis In An 

Fatal Case of 
Human Babesiosis
Originally Misdiagnosed 

Treatment Outcome For 
Patients With Early Disseminated 

Robust B Cell Responses 
Predict Rapid Resolution of

Microbiological Features 
Distinguishing Lyme & 

Anaplasma & Coinfections 

Deer Ticks

August 3

Borrelia afzelii Alters 
Reproductive Success 

August 2

Establishment of Liquid Bead 
Array For Simultaneous Detection of 

Tick Borne Diseases In 

Anaplasma In Rocky Mountain 

Latin America
Tests Missing Cases of 

Poor Ability of Clinicians

Bad JuJu
Just Don't Take Your 

August 1

Plasma Lipidomic Profile 
Signature of Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Feline Endomyocarditis 
Left-Ventricular Endocardial

Kidney Damage Markers

Depressivness & Neuroticism
In Bartonella Sero-Positive & 

Hold The Mayo Clinic... 
After Much Head-Scratching &
Deliberation Finally Diagnosed 


Seven Human Pathogens 


Oldie But A Goodie (2014)
Ticks Should Be Referred To 

New Antibiotics From Venom Of 

Low/Medium Titres In Elderly 
Should Not Be Dismissed
Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease 

Rickettsia Species Isolated 

Tick Borne Pathogens in 
Ticks From Dogs & Cats 

Azithromycin Inferior To Doxycycline 

Rickettsia Induced Brain Abcess 

Lone Star Ticks In
Connecticut- Long Established, 

52% of Morphea (Scleroderma) 
Patients Tested Positive 

Review of Rickettsia 


Case of Optic Neuritis

Secondary Dementia 
Due To Lyme 


Bartonella Infection 
In Children's Bones
Osteomylitis Involving 

Ticks From Songbirds 
In Canada
39% Positive For 

Financial Implications of a 
Well-Hidden and Ignored 

Deer Ticks Established in 


126 Bacterial Genera 
Found In Ticks & Voles

More Infections In Deer Ticks
Along With Lyme Disease...
South Bay Virus & 


1993 Study- Oldie But A Goodie
Persistence of Borrelia Burgdorferi 
In Ligamentous Tissue In A

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Iron From Tick's Host, 
Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide & 

Historic Syphilis Genomes 

Inflammation & Immune Evasion 

 Antimicrobial Resistence In 

Bartonella Was A Fatal Disease 
(Organisms Found In Lung Tissue)

Recognizing & Treating 

Undetected Neuroborreliosis In 


Wormser & Gang Say
Researcher's Studies
Not Supporting 
The IDSA Position 

EM Lyme Rash In 36% of 

Leptospirosis's Cytokine Storm
Leading to Immunoparalysis, 

Persistent, Unrecognized
Pre-Transplant Disseminated
Q-Fever In A Post-Transplant

Q-Fever With 

Q-Fever In Military 

Bartonella & Other 
Infectious Organisms

Diagnosing Meat Allergy 

(Asterisks represent next days posts) 

New York- Upstate
Lyme Disease Transmission Risk:
Seasonal Variation In 


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The Latest News

November 2018

Set For Horrorific Tick Season-
Be Vigilant Of Deadly Disease & 

Tick Borne Disease 
Working Group- 2018

Report To Congress

42,743 times 10 equals
427,430 cases of
Lyme disease in US

Dr. Daniel Cameron 
Sues Blogger For 
$1 Million

Dirty Vaccines
Comtaminated With 

Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn 

Japan Leading the World In 
Exposing Fraud With Gardasil 

Patient Sues
Allegations of Negligence, 

The Flu Shots 

"I Jumped Off The 

California Launches Investigation 
Following Stunning Admission 

Common Prescription Drugs 
Linked To Increased 

Wildlife Lab Gets $500,000 

Spreading The Word 
To Help Others
Moorpark Resident 

Victoria's Secret 
Fashion Show Star

2017 Reported Cases of 

President Donald Trump
Declares Flu Shots Are

Raw Milk Boosts Immunity & 

Thousands Sue Merck 
For Shingles Vaccine 

Medical Exemptions 

Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Government Agency Allows 
$10 Supplements To 
Be Banned And 

Leaky Gut Solutions 

Top 3 Facts About 
Flu Vaccines for 

HPV Vaccine Makes It 

Teens Diagnosed With MS 

Hand Dryers Suck In 
Fecal Bacteria & 

Big Pharma Company Has 
License Suspended As 

Lyme Disease Diagnostic 

Why Doctors Are Dead 

Osteoporosis Is Scurvey of the Bone

Emergence of TBE

Tick Borne Disease Is 

Epstein Barr Virus

FDA Not Doing Enough To 

Dr. Paul Offit's Promo For 

October 2018


"In one instance I had 120 ticks down my pants. I was trapping some wildlife and I must have sat down in the wrong spot where some newly hatched larvae were there," he said.  "They went into my pants and that was quite interesting trying to get 120 off."

Man With 120 Ticks In His Pants & 

Woman With Tick In Ear Canal


"The Bartonella Multi-Species Western blot detects Bartonella genus-specific IgM and IgG antibodies in human serum or plasma. Also, it will identify and differentiate B. henselae, B. vinsonii, B. quintana and B. elizabethae."

The Bartonella IgXSpot will detect specific T-cell responses very early - soon after the onset of infection - when antibodies to the organisms are not yet detectable, as well as late in the disease when the levels of antibodies can be very low. 
It is also useful in patients who are immunosuppressed or who have an immunoglobulin deficiency.  Hence, this assay is especially useful for seronegative patients."

IGeneX Introduces New 

Bartonella Test

The Clear Legal Basis That 

Vaccines Cause Autism

Can You Really Be Allergic 

To WiFi and Cell Phones?

Bartonella Induced Vasculitis

Hand & Foot Pain

Free Tick Testing For Pennsylvania 

Residents In The Poconos

Fundraiser For 7 Year Old 

With Lyme Disease

Pennsylvania- Quote

"Nicolaou and her husband claim that two doctors, St. Luke's University Hospital Network and others failed to properly diagnose her Lyme disease and instead misdiagnosed her with multiple sclerosis.  The justices said the Superior Court improperly made factual determinations regarding what Nicolaou believed about her condition after a nurse practitioner told her she likely had the disease and despite the previous negative test results."

Pennsylvania Justices Revive Suit 

Over Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis

Free Crisis Text Line For

 24/7 Support In The USA

Man's Near Fatal Illness 

Shows Peril Of A 

Tick Borne Disease  

Stopping Psych Meds In 

A Safer Environment 


Lyme Patient Misdiagnosed 

With Anxiety & Depression

Gary Wormser- IDSA President 

Is Confused Again & Again

IDSA 2019 ID Week 

Code of Conduct & 

Anti-Harassment Policy

September 2018

Mom Raising Awareness 

Debbie Gibson
Struggles & Moves Forward 

September 3

Occupational Illnesses Still

August 26

"Under Our Skin"

IDSA Guidelines Ready 
For Public Comment 

August 25

New Hampshire
Governor Asks EPA To 
Step Up Approval Of 

Caledon, There Ain't No 

Letter To The Editor
Doc Crunch Spurs 

Dealing With The 
Visual Consequences of 

Fresno Mom On Mission 
After Daughter Dies 

HPV-Related Cancer 
On Rise Despite 

August 22

When A Lyme Rash 

August 21

New Jersey
Longhorned Tick Found In 


Diego Novella Convicted of 
Murdering Girlfriend Who Was 

Renowned Horse Racing Artist 
Dies After Battling 

Tick Bite Inspires Student 

Peddlers of Hydrogen Peroxide

At Least The President 

Beware of Blacklegged 

National Geographic
Link Between 

Does the Senior In Your Life 

August 20

Chronic Lyme Study Findings 

August 18

Researchers Say A Trial 
Involving Lyme Patients
Eating Human Poop As A 
Cure For Lyme Symptoms (PTLDS) 

Lyme & Tick Borne Diseases 

What Is The Difference Between 
Regular Western Blots & 

August 17

What Tests Should I Get

Info On Lyme Testing Labs For

What Should I Know 

August 13

Antimicrobial Resistance 

International Meeting On 

European Countries
New Antimicrobial 

New Center For 
Antimicrobial Resistance
Partnering With 

August 12

Reported Cases of Lyme & TBD
Stats, Sources & Information

Examples of Some Problems 
When Reporting 

Sun Protection When On Antibiotics

Wear Sunscreen Faithfully When On 

How Did You Get 
Approved For Disability?

August 11

Response to New Haven Register 

August 10

More Support Needed For 
Search & Rescue Volunteers 

Increasing Cases & 

August 8

The Longhorned Tick

August 7

Montreal's Patient Zero 

New York
North Hemstead Releasing 

IGeneX- Better Test & 

Take Ticks To The 

Resident Dies 

August 4

Organs For Transplants

The Foreskin:
Why Is It Such A Secret 

Overlooked Vitamin That Improves
Autoimmune Disease & 

Has Drug-Driven Medicine
Become A Form Of

Male Model Returns To 
Australia To Fight For 

New York
Removing Dead Deer Is Only 

August 3

Making Herbal Medicines 

August 2

(Needs to check facts)
Cougars Prey On Animals 

Washington (State)
Choose Precaution Over Panic

New York- Adirondack
Deer Ticks Showing Up In 

Long Horned Tick 

No Lyme Disease In Missouri
Only Cases Are People 

Maryland (Eastern Shore)
Queen Anne's Resident (Wye Mills) 

Matt Dawson (Rugby International)
On Medications For Lyme & 

Popular Plant Linked To 

Clark County Confirms 
First Case of Lyme Disease 

August 1, 2018

Alan Alda (M*A*S*H*
Long Time New Jersey Resident


Quest Lab's Overview On Increasing 

West Virginia
Incidence Rate of Lyme 

Lyme Patient Killed 
In South Africa By 

So Far This Year
344 Cases Spotted Fever 
208 Cases Ehrlichiosis & 


Rider's Johnson 
Holds Fund Raiser 


Comments On Marques Paper
Revisiting the Lyme 


Hundreds of Longhorned 
Ticks Were Found In 

New Jersey
Towns Newest Cop Takes 

CDC- Bourbon Virus Probably 
Didn't Cause Current Illness...
State Health Department 
Refused To Release Stats On 
Number Of Bourbon Virus Cases

Backyard Chickens Are Eating 
Ticks, But Are Transmitting 

NAU Professor Collects 

Diagnosing Lyme In 
Children With 

McStupid Sues Former 
FBI Deputy Director Over 

Wiki Article Dismisses The 

Pros & Cons
Should Any Vaccine Be 


Lyme Disease 

Should Gene Edited Mice 
Be Released To Control 

Law Enforcement (K-9) Wins
Dog Of The Year


Tick Borne Disease Working Group

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What Lab Test Should I Get?
TBD Tests & Standard Tests


42 Children Died Of Heat Stroke 

(Asterisks represent next days posts) 

Treatment Guidelines Site

FREE- Addiction Summit

Couples Dealing With 

Hitch Hotel
Expandable (over 7 ft.) 

Honey To Address 
MRSA, Wounds, 

Aluminum In Vaccines 

(Asterisks represent next days posts) 

International- Canada
More Must Be Done To 

International- Australia
Radio Broadcast  
Lyme Disease 

Dr. Ying Zhang Receives 
$25,000 Grant From 
LivLyme Foundation To

Cases Of Lyme Disease 

Pet Health Break

Lyme Disease Costs May 
Exceed $75 BILLION Per Year
Lorraine Johnson 


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