New Jersey's Top Improv Comedy Group!

24th Smash Season!!

It's not deep. It's rarely thought-provoking. It's just funny!

Lunatic Fringe uses music and audience suggestions to create a show that’s different every time, but always funny and always apolitical!

The show is suitable for older children!

"The Lunatics delivered what their audience needed — an evening of unpredictable live-action zaniness..." Erica Bleiberg, Baristanet

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Information: 973-429-1527

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Paul Murphy, Deb Maclean, Dave Groveman

Dan Scheinberg, Harvey Chipkin, Deb Maclean, Paul Murphy, Dave Groveman

Eric Heilner, Harvey Chipkin, Brooke Hoover, Dave Groveman, Paul Murphy, Deb Maclean, Sean Day

Rodney Marfil