Deb Maclean 
Deb began her improv comedy career in the late 1970s in Los Angeles, performing in venues like The Improvisation and the Odyssey Theater, where she once made Leonard Nimoy laugh really hard. She performed improv with the much-celebrated comedy group Shock of the Funny in New York in the 1980s and 1990s and founded Lunatic Fringe in 1997. Deb also performs two original solo shows, Motherhood and Other Desperate Acts and Losing It…and Taking It Back. She teaches improv workshops for all age groups, provides entertainment for bar and bat mitzvahs, and performs weddings – comedic ceremonies a specialty!  She is the only known improv comedy director in the tri-state area with an MA in Slavic linguistics. During the final fight scene in Rocky IV, you can hear her yell in Russian, “Punch him in the nose! Hit him in the ear!” For more information visit

Paul Murphy

Paul has been onstage almost constantly since he played the Roslyn Clock Tower in the 1st grade. Favorite roles in New York include Finnegan in Finnegan’s Wake; Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor; and 42 parts (including the Duke of Wellington’s Nose) in Kenneth Koch’s 1000 Avante Garde Plays. In New Jersey and regional theatres he has played many roles, such as Niels Bohr in Copenhagen at Luna Stage; First Man in the Chandler adaptation Trouble is My Business at Portland Stage; Karl in The Good German; Mack Now in Jim Lehrer’s Kick the Can; and Estragon in Waiting for Godot. He is a founding member of Lunatic Fringe. For Helen.

Harvey Chipkin

Harvey's improv career was launched wh
en his wife Janet pulled a Lunatic Fringe flyer off the window of Karl's Appliance Store.  He has been performing with Lunatic Fringe since 2003 after studying improv at Deb Maclean’s workshops. He has also taken improv classes at a number of New York schools, including Upright Citizens BrigadeMagnet Theatre and Second City. He appears regularly at Sunday Night Improv in New York. Harvey has appeared in several films, including The Legend, produced by Fulton Street Films, a runner-up in the Midnight Madness film Festival in New York; and Ensemble, a documentary about his Second City class. Harvey is a freelance writer specializing in travel.

David Groveman

David was born and raised in New Jersey and owes his improvisational roots to Reflections (Bergen County) and further seasoning to Mission Improvable and The Studio Upstairs (Upstate New York.)  David freelances as a singing pirate who writes his own musical repertoireHe is also a writer who busies himself between plays, screenplays, novels. He wrote Et Pour Vous (three plays in a French bistro); Fire, Smoke and a Lot of Hot Air; Perceptions; Sonia; Follow My Voice; Welcome to Plum Corp. as well as the Sherwood web series and a novel Tales of Grimm, How I Survived 5th Grade Geometry and the Trojan War and various other dramatic and comedic pieces.

Eric Heilner

After a career in rock and rock in the 1970s, Eric Heilner retired from the music business and become a respectable member of society. However, when Lunatic Fringe's regular piano player did not show up one evening, he was rudely yanked out of retirement and thrust back in the limelight. Since that traumatic event, Heilner has been performing with some of the the top blues and rock groups in the North Jersey area and has appeared at BB King's, The Bitter End, and various sleazy dives.