Teaching and Mentoring

Data Science Educational Research

I conduct pedagogical research in data science problem solving. This project was originally funded by the Simon Initiative at Carnegie Mellon. We developed a repository of caselets (= bite size case studies) deployed at the Open Learning Initiative platform (https://oli.cmu.edu/). At UMBC, together with Dr. Shimei Pan, we are looking into how to weave ethical considerations into the data problem solving skills training, with a seed grant from the Academic Data Science Alliance.

Accelerated Apprenticeship Paper



  • Data Mining (IS 733, Fall 2021, Graduate)

  • Decision Support Systems (IS 425, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Undergraduate)

Carnegie Mellon

*All following are master level courses

  • Large Scale Data Analytics for Public Policy (Co-instructor, Spring 18 and Spring 19)

  • Statistics for IT Managers (online, 95-796 Fall 15 and Fall 16)

  • Data Mining (online, 95-791 Spring 16, Spring 17 and Spring 19)

  • Data Mining (95-791) (TA, 2005-2015)

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence (TA, 95-852)

  • Statistical Methods (TA, 90-711)

  • Healthcare Information Systems (TA, 94-706)

Professional Training

  • Course assistant, UPMC Advanced Data Science Class (2013)

  • Lead trainer, CDC and USDA analytics users training (2011-2012)


Research Projects

  • Jiaxian S (CMU CS undergraduate, Spring 2018- Fall 2019)

  • Mononito G (CMU RISS scholar, Summer 2019)

  • Shimeng P (Visiting PhD student from Nagoya University, Spring 2019 - summer 2019)

  • Lidan M (CMU Machine Learning master, 2016)

  • Yi W(CMU Machine Learning master, 2016)

  • Lucia L (Singapore Management University PhD Student, 2012)

Data Analysis Projects

Yue W(MISM 2013) Archana R (MISM 2013), Yu C (MISM 2013), Yue L (MISM 2013), Jieshi C (MISM 2012), Kyle J (MISM 2012), Alison P (MSPPM 2012)