(This logo was created by Numaan Khan, a talent designer)

Lab for Informatics for Human Flourishing

  • Our lab members are passionate about developing data-enabled human-centered technology and systems for Personalized and Persistent and Practical Support for Human Flourishing.

  • We work closely with domain experts to tackle the challenging practical data-driven problems arising from the fundamental human desire to live well - to flourish. This often requires us to take a humbling view of the complexity of human beings and the limitation of data and technology.

  • We, as a community of life-long learners, support each other to flourish.

Research Explorations

Our research projects can be summarized using this framework from VanderWeele's 2017 article "On the promotion of human flourishing. While the right side of the plot presents main components of human flourishing, the left side illustrate major pathways leading toward human flourishing as suggested from empirical findings. Active projects are highlighted.