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Booster Club

The purpose of the Cavalette Booster Club is to support the Lake Travis Cavalette Dance Team with the resources of its members including volunteer and financial support while fostering positive and effective relationships between the Director(s), students and parents. The organization supports and encourages all dance team members and the director(s) to promote and enhance school spirit, public interest and parental support of all dance team activities. 

Cavalette Booster Club Officers

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President - Kristi Jones
1st Vice President - Tracy Christian
2nd Vice President - Becky Thorp
3rd Vice President - Angela Buddin
Secretary - Jennifer Griffin
Treasurer - Christy McGuire
Assistant Treasurer - Martha Perkins
Parliamentarian - Amy Roberts
Historian - Debbie Hood
Officer Liaison - Gaylonn Clemmons
Rookie Liaison - Maria Mata Borjas
Red Rubies Liaison - Wendy Baldwin

Cavalette Booster Meetings

Booster Club meetings are generally the first Tuesday of each month and are held at Lake Travis High School in E203 at 6:45 p.m. The meetings for the 2017-2018 school year are:

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