Luis R. Martínez

Assistant Professor

Harris School of Public Policy and the College,

University of Chicago

Research Interests:

Political economy

Development economics

Conflict and civil war

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  • Transnational Insurgents: Evidence from Colombia's FARC at the border with Chávez's Venezuela

Journal of Development Economics, 2017, Vol. 126, pp 138-153 [link] [working paper]

  • Is it my money or not? An experiment on risk aversion and the house-money effect

with Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Nicolás De Roux and Christian Jaramillo

Experimental Economics, 2014, Vol. 17 (1), pp 47-60 [link]

Working Papers

  • How Much Should We Trust the Dictator's GDP Estimates? [link]

Updated: May 2018

Media coverage: Washington Post, Quartz, Fox News, Economics21, Daily Mail, Western Journal, Futurism, Spaceflight News, Les Échos, Slate-Fr, Exame, Epoca Negócios

  • Sources of Revenue and Government Performance: Evidence from Colombia

Under revision (new version coming soon)

Work in Progress

  • Are Voters Responsive to Electoral Fines? Evidence from Peru (with Mariella Gonzales and Gianmarco León)
  • Long-Term Effects of Sexual Violence During Conflict: Evidence From the End of WWII (with Guo Xu)
  • Trade Liberalization and Political Violence: Evidence from Colombia
  • The Political Consequences of Repression in Pinochet's Chile (with Maria Bautista)


  • Analytical Politics II: Political Institutions and Public Policy in the Developing World (MPP) [syllabus]
  • The Political Economy of Natural Resources (Undergraduate) [syllabus]