Luis R. Martínez

Assistant Professor,

Harris School of Public Policy and the College,

University of Chicago

Research Interests:

  • Political economy
  • Development economics
  • Civil conflict
  • Economic history


  • Is It My Money or Not? An Experiment on Risk Aversion and the House-Money Effect
with Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Nicolás de Roux and Christian Jaramillo
    • Experimental Economics, 2014, Vol. 17 (1), pp 47-60 [publisher]

Working Papers

  • The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy [PDF]
(with Maria A. Bautista, Felipe González, Pablo Muñoz and Mounu Prem)

  • How Effective Are Monetary Incentives to Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Policy [PDF]
(with Mariella Gonzales and Gianmarco León)
    • Status: Updated October 2019 (submitted for publication)
    • Media coverage: Vox, La República

  • A Glimpse of Freedom: Allied Occupation and Political Resistance in East Germany [PDF]
(with Jonas Jessen and Guo Xu)
    • Status: Updated April 2020 (submitted for publication)
  • Dictatorship, Higher Education and Social Mobility [PDF]
(with Maria A. Bautista, Felipe González, Pablo Muñoz and Mounu Prem)
    • Status: New May 2020

Selected Work in Progress

  • Access to College and Mortality: Evidence from Chile (with M.A. Bautista, Felipe Gonzalez, Pablo Muñoz and Mounu Prem)
  • Constraints on Public Spending Before Elections: Evidence from Colombia (with Nelson Ruiz)
  • Does Conflict Hinder Rural Development? Evidence from Agricultural Credit (with Nicolás de Roux)

Pre-PhD Working Papers

  • Diversification, Networks and the Survival of Exporting Firms [PDF]
(with Jorge Tovar)
  • Good Predictions and Bad Policies [PDF]


  • Analytical Politics II: Political Institutions (MPP) [syllabus]
  • The Political Economy of Natural Resources (MPP/BA) [syllabus]


  • Interview: Radio Harris [SoundCloud]
  • Interview: Story in the Public Square [Youtube]
  • Faculty Fellows Discussion: International House [YouTube]