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First, a bit about me.  I taught for thirty-four years and was, until I retired in 2006, Head of History and Citizenship at Manshead School. During my career, I played an active role in developing the learning and teaching of the subject and was review-editor of Teaching History during the 1980s and joint-editor during the 1990s. My first book was published in 1980, three years after an article on computing and history. In the intervening years, I've published fifty books in print media or as Kindles, over 50 articles on history and teaching history, have written radio and television programmes and countless book reviews, acted as an editor for two successful Cambridge University Press series Perspectives in History and Topics in History and was part of the research team of the Teaching of History Project between 1985 and 1987. I am also a Fellow of both the Royal Historical Society and the Historical Association.

I have been an active blogger since 2007 and have two companion blogs that you may find useful.  Although they contain the same articles (over 1,000 to date), the Wordpress blog  has a more detailed menu that will enable you to find what interests you more easily.  The other blog is on Blogger which is heading for its two millionth 'hit'. 

I have also included on the site books by Stephen Roberts in his Birmingham Biographies series for which I help to produce the books for publication.

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