The London Vulval Pain Support Group


Since 1992, the London Vulval Pain Support Group has provided confidential support and advice for people in the London area who suffer from vulval pain, usually due to vulvodynia and vestibulodynia, but sometimes from another vulval condition such as:

Regrettably we have recently had to make the difficult decision to close this group down. This decision has been taken due to the increasing number of administrative requirements involved in running the group which we no longer have the capacity to meet.

The London Vulval Pain Support Group is therefore no longer holding meetings or providing personal support via email or telephone. However, you can still access information, links and news relevant to vulval pain on this website, which will be left active for the time being.

For further information and support, we suggest you visit the website of the Vulval Pain Society, where you will find a wealth of information relating to vulval pain and vulvodynia, including links to other vulval pain support groups.

25 July 2022