Welcome to the London Vulval Pain Support Group!

About the group

We provide confidential support and advice for women in the London area who suffer from vulval pain, usually  due to vulvodynia and vestibulodynia, but sometimes the pain may also be from another vulval condition such as:

The group started in 1994 and was active until 2000, with the present group formed in March 2003.

Group aims

With a focus on the London area we aim:

Group structure

The group is run by committee but we take into consideration the views of all group members in the decision-making process. We are a self-funded organisation and rely on donations to cover our running costs - we charge £3 per person per meeting to cover hall hire (£5 if we have a guest speaker), but if you are unable to contribute you will still be very welcome. 

We work towards increasing awareness of the LVPSG and vulval pain within the medical profession, the media and most importantly among sufferers of the condition.

We'd like to thank David Nunns, who is our medical advisor, for all his help and support.