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Decision making under risk and uncertainty, environmental economics, climate change and health economics



  1. Risk, ambiguity, and the value of diversification (with L. Eeckhoudt)
    Management Science, 2020, forthcoming
  1. Model uncertainty in climate change economics: A review and proposed framework for future research (with M. Marinacci)
    Environmental and Resource Economics, 2020, 77, 475-501
    This paper was selected as an Editor's Choice paper in ERE.
    IGIER Working Paper No. 616
  1. Welfare as equity equivalents (with J. Emmerling)
    Journal of Economic Surveys, 2020, 34 (4), 727-752
  2.               Featured in: CMCC Article 
  1. Characterizing ambiguity attitudes using model uncertainty (with V. Bosetti)
    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020, forthcoming
  1. The transition of Belgium towards a low carbon society : A macroeconomic analysis fed by a participative approach (with T. Bréchet, J. Pestiaux, and V. van Steenberghe)
    Energy Strategy Reviews, 2020, 29, 100463
  1. Reply to: Why fossil fuel producer subsidies matter (with J. Jewell et al.)
    Nature, 2020, 578, E5-E7
  1. Are policymakers ambiguity averse? (with V. Bosetti)
    Economic Journal, 2020, 130, 331-355
  2.               Featured in: Media Briefings (RES) - The Conversation (Fr)
  1. Limited emission reductions from fuel subsidy removal except in energy-exporting regions (with J. Jewell et al.)
    Nature, 2018, 554, 229-233
                  Featured in:News & Views (Nature)
  1. Managing catastrophic climate risks under model uncertainty aversion (with J. Emmerling and M. Tavoni)                                                                   
    Management Science,
    2017, 63 (3), 749-765
    This paper was selected as finalist of the INFORMS Decision-Analysis Society Publication Awardof 2019 (best publication in decision analysis of the year 2017)
    Latest working paper version - Online Appendix
                  Featured in: IESEG Expert opinion
  1. COP21 climate negotiators' responses to climate model forecasts (with V. Bosetti, E. Weber, D. Budescu, N. Liu, and M. Tavoni)                                  
    Nature Climate Change,
    2017, 7, 185-189
                  Featured in: News & Views (Nature Climate Change) - IESEG Expert opinions

  1. Treatment decisions under ambiguity, (with H. Bleichrodt, and L. Eeckhoudt)
    Journal of Health Economics,
    2013, 32 (3), 559-569. 
    Latest working paper version
    -   Online Appendix: Results under other ambiguity models



  • Economic Rationality: Investigating the Links between Uncertainty, Complexity, and Sophistication (with I. Aydogan, and V. Bosetti),
  • IGIER Working Paper No. 653
  • What is Partial Ambiguity?



  • The plethora of climate catastrophes (with J. Emmerling and S. Shayegh)

  • The macroeconomic impacts of a transitions to a low carbon economy - a participative multi-model approach (with F. Bossier et al.)



  • Two-Period Self-Insurance and Self-Protection Models (October 2010),

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