Libélulas de Málaga

I have been looking for and reporting dragonflies in Málaga province since 2005 and I am now part of the team working on the Málaga dragonfly atlas.

Here you will find a list of the dragonflies which have been recorded in Málaga province with links to individual species pages. I have used the scientific and english names as given in Dijkstra & Lewington. The order of species should be the same as in the book.
Additional information can be found on José Manuel Moreno-Benitez's excellent site Libélulas de Málaga which contains maps from the 2013 Atlas (data to 2012).

There is a more recent publication Libélulas de la Gran Senda de Málaga y provincia. Guía de identificación by José Manuel Moreno-Benítez and Javier Ripoll. As well as being an ID guide there is a lot of useful information about habitats and flight times and broad locations. It is, of course, in Spanish but google translate will save you the bother of learning the language!
A useful reference source are the bulletins of ROLA (Red de observadores de libélulas en Andalucia) which contain observations recorded at the 1km square level. You will see that there has been quite a lot of observer activity since the atlas was published and so the information on some of the species pages is out of date - I will gradually get them updated!

Another useful source of information are the bulletins of the Asociación odonatológica de Andalucía.

If you use facebook then you might find the following groups useful El rincón de las Libélulas, Asociacion odonatologica de Andalucia (AoA)., Odonatos de Andalucia (now re-labelled Dragonflies of the world!), Odonatos Ibéricos and Libélulas ROLA - or, like me, you might wonder why there is so much need to crosspost!

Note that Macromia splendens, Oxygastra curtisii, Gomphus graslinii and Zygonyx torridus are 'sensitive' species and I will not provide people with detailed information which is not in the ROLA bulletins or in other publications. Onychogomphus costae and Orthetrum nitidinerve are scarce species in Malaga province and I have provided one site for each on the sites page.

There is some information on sites I have visited quite regularly (as a tourist not a resident!).

Calopteryx xanthostoma - Western Demoiselle
Calopteryx virgo - Beautiful Demoiselle
Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis - Copper Demoiselle
Lestes barbarus - Migrant Spreadwing
Lestes virens - Small Spreadwing
Lestes macrostigma - Dark Spreadwing
Lestes viridis - Western Willow Spreadwing
Sympecma fusca - Common Winter Damsel
Ischnura elegans - Common Bluetail
Ischnura graellsii - Iberian Bluetail
Ischnura pumilio - Small Bluetail
Enallagma cyathigerum - Common Bluet
Coenagrion mercuriale - Mercury Bluet
Coenagrion scitulum - Dainty Bluet
Coenagrion caerulescens - Mediterranean Bluet
Erythromma viridulum - Small Redeye
Pyrrhosoma nymphula - Large Red Damsel
Ceriagrion tenellum - Small Red Damsel
Platycnemis acutipennis - Orange Featherleg
Platycnemis latipes - White Featherleg
Aeshna mixta - Migrant Hawker
Aeshna affinis - Blue-eyed Hawker
Aeshna cyanea - Blue Hawker
Anax imperator - Blue Emperor
Anax parthenope - Lesser Emperor
Anax ephippiger - Vagrant Emperor
Boyeria irene - Western Spectre
Gomphus graslinii - Pronged Clubtail
Gomphus simillimus - Yellow Clubtail
Gomphus pulchellus - Western Clubtail
Onychogomphus uncatus - Large Pincertail
Onychogomphus forcipatus - Small Pincertail
Onychogomphus costae - Faded Pincertail
Paragomphus genei - Green Hooktail
Cordulegaster boltonii - Common Goldenring
Oxygastra curtisii - Orange-spotted Emerald
Macromia splendens - Splendid Cruiser
Libellula depressa - Broad-bodied Chaser
Orthetrum cancellatum - Black-tailed Skimmer
Orthetrum coerulescens - Keeled Skimmer
Orthetrum brunneum - Southern Skimmer
Orthetrum nitidinerve - Yellow-veined Skimmer
Orthetrum chrysostigma - Epaulet Skimmer
Orthetrum trinacria - Long Skimmer
Sympetrum fonscolombii - Red-veined Darter
Sympetrum striolatum - Common Darter
Sympetrum meridionale - Southern Darter
Sympetrum sinaiticum - Desert Darter
Crocothemis erythraea - Broad Scarlet
Trithemis annulata - Violet Dropwing
Trithemis kirbyi - Orange-winged Dropwing
Brachythemis impartita - Banded Groundling
Diplacodes lefebvrii - Black Percher
Selysiothemis nigra - Black Pennant
Zygonyx torridus - Ringed Cascader

Information last updated May 16th 2017
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