South Hampshire (VC11) Dragonflies

I am in the process of getting these pages up to date. 

I'm still out and about looking for dragonflies in Hampshire but since retirement at the end of April 2013 I have been spending much more time in Spain during the (Hampshire) dragonfly season so I don't have the opportunity, especially given the weather we have, to visit all the sites and see what's flying. I recommend you look at Paul Ritchie's website and blog.

I would hope that anyone with an interest in dragonflies in Hampshire has a copy of the Dragonflies of Hampshire (DoH) by Taverner, Cham and Hold. This book and the sites described in it provide the basis for this page.
Where possible I use the sitenames as in DoH so that we are all singing from the same hymnsheet!  I also (try to) use the names as used by the British Dragonfly Society (BDS) as well as the scientific names - they are the names that you will see in iRecord when you submit your sightings.

The links below will take you to a page describing the habitat, flight times (approximate) and where to find (in South West Hampshire) dragonflies that are currently to be found in (or likely to be vagrants to) the county. South West Hampshire is roughly the Lower Test Valley, Southampton and the New Forest including the coastal strip - the area of Hampshire which I visit most. Where I have pictures of the species I've shown them plus a link to the British Dragonfly Society page for the species. I've not covered ID as I think that is best done by purchasing a good field guide and getting out in the field.


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