Le Dimmer

Go easy on your eyes

Focus on your task

Le Dimmer is a small Windows 2000/XP/Vista application that dims the screen apart from the active window.

Download : LeDimmer.zip v1.0.0.4

Contact : Lionel Lemarié, ledimmer@hikey.org (deprecated).

Change history

Added command line parameters and usage dialog.

By default dims the desktop even when focused and uses a single window to cover the screen.

Creating a number of 512x512 windows instead of a single.

fullscreen window. Looks visually the same, but it works better on large displays and multi-monitors.

Added bitmap tiling.

Detects change of resolution.

Kills existing instance when started a second time.

Multi-monitor support.

Added BMP support.

Undims screen when desktop is selected.

Works in WinXP and Vista, in 16bit and 32bit display modes.

Works over Remote Desktop.

Added system tray icon and menu.

First working version.

Display a black transparent fullscreen window under the

foreground window.

Ctrl-shift-q to quit.