ezTunnel SSH

SSH tunnelling made easy and fun!

The freeware "ezTunnel SSH" is a GUI application for Windows and Linux that makes it easy to manage multiple SSH tunnels in the background. The interface is simple: creating a tunnel takes a few seconds, connecting to an existing tunnel is instant!The current version is 0.7.0 for Windows and Linux. It is fully functional, but needs more testing before it gets promoted to 1.0.0.

Current features include:

    • Manages multiple SSH tunnel connections (using plink.exe or ssh).

    • Minimizes to the system tray.

    • Optionally auto-connect on start-up and retry on disconnection.

    • Prompt for password if needed, use a private key file or use pageant.

Download: ezTunnelSSH for Windows or Linux.

The source is available under GPL on code.google.com.

Note: If the Windows application says that it "cannot start because the configuration is incorrect", you're missing some DLLs which you can get here.

Contact: Lionel Lemarié <eztunnel@hikey.org>

Screenshots: (click to enlarge)