Members' Layouts

Chris' Trailer Layout - not a garden layout, more a layout in the garden.

The caravan was one that had sat in the garden for a few years, used occasionally by the children, but was getting damp and letting in rain. By putting the layout on the trailer I gained additional space to increase the size and also the facility to take it to the shows at the station. We might even be able to run it in the Carnival Procession and encourage townsfolk to come down to the station to see it in action. I had to slide two beams under the layout then hang it while it was in the garage so that I could remove the legs and slide the trailer underneath, then ease the layout down onto the trailer and remove the beams. I then built out the sides of the layout to the sides of the trailer. I have left one large section as a removable piece so that I can still get under the layout to fix any wiring issues. I have run trains already and everything still works! Apart from the Aeron Express which broke its cable. At the moment I am hauling the trailer around by hand but I am saving up for a battery driven jockey wheel.

Trailer layout

Len's "Cynghordy" 00 Gauge layout.

Allan's G Gauge layout.

Chris' "Toytown" 00 Gauge layouts.

Terry's N Gauge Exhibition layout.

Terry's N Gauge home layout.