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        Living Devotion is motivated to support Bhakti Yoga in our community. We are moved to offer more spiritually uplifting and inspirational events as well as take it to the road and assist this practice to blossom in other communities. To accomplish these goals we need your assistance. What we share is a spiritual practice and we feel that an individuals financial position should not limit access to receiving support with this practice. We continue to stand for sliding scale, low-cost and donation based events. Some events are more costly to produce than others and to compensate for this we pray for the continued ability to offer scholarships to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate (such as with workshops and retreats). 

        We believe that sponsorship is the means by which we can continue to offer events by donation as well as create Bhakti Yoga tours and travel to festivals. Many organizations and individuals utilize sponsorship from bowling and baseball leagues to surfers and swim teams. We know there are conscious people and business in our community who would love the opportunity to join hands with us and sponsor the community work we do.  

        This page is dedicated to the wonderful people and business' that believe in the power of Bhakti Yoga and have chosen to support the ministry of Living Devotion. Please patronize our sponsors by utilizing the goods and services they provide in our community. Your support of our sponsors supports us in our continued effort to bring you wonderful events, classes and workshops and to assist more people to be exposed to, learn about and engage in the life changing practices of Bhakti Yoga.

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