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A Gift

A gift for todays busy life... 

        Imagine having a totally calm mind in all situations that is ready to respond with clarity, rather than react from past conditioning. Visualize living peacefully with yourself and others; content, happy and joyful. This is not only possible for you, it is attainable as soon as you choose it for yourself. 

        There are tried and true age old methods that assist us in the attainment of these goals. The Yogic path is available to anyone of any spiritual tradition or religion. There is even evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls that Jeshua (Jesus) not only practiced Yoga, he taught it to his disciples.

    With the advancement of modern technology, humans living today receive more information and stimulus than ever before in recorded human history. Not surprisingly, many people report that it is increasingly more difficult to sit in silence, calm the mind and remain at peace. For us to still our minds long enough to stop beta wave generation and drop into the blended alpha-theta state that is necessary for us to receive the benefits of meditation we need support. 

        Music meditation is an excellent spiritual practice for modern times and active minds. Not only will hours of practice roll by without your being aware of it, this practice gives you relatively the same benefits as a "sit on your cushion in silence" type of practice. This makes Kirtana the perfect practice for today's busy, often over-stimulated, style of life.

        If you have not experienced being immersed in the Bhakti Yoga practices of mantram and  bhajan we encourage you to visit one of our Music of Yoga events and experience it for yourself.