Center for Devotional Living

"The Center for Devotional Living supports the on-going creation of a loving, 

ecologically sustainable world community, based on freedom, compassion 

and equanimity, with healthy, happy life for all beings."

       The Center offers weekly, monthly and seasonal services, classes, workshops, retreats and special events throughout the year to support it's mission. The Center sustains it's presence in the community through regular, public Saturday services, which are steeped in devotional singing. The Center maintains it's own music ensemble, Living Devotion, to provide the depth and beauty that is inspired by devotional singing.

          Center events and services are designed to encourage and support every individual to find and walk the path that calls to his or her heart on the journey of love and awakening and to live a vibrantly healthy, purposeful life. The core philosophy  of the Center is that all people are born in a state of purity and that it is only ignorance and the conditioning of the mind that cause needless human suffering. Therefore, it is possible, through dedicating oneself to spiritual practices, to remove conditioning, educate the the mind and assist the practitioner to have an experience of self and the true nature of reality. At the core of this philosophy is the belief that happiness is our true nature and that all people can attain long lasting happiness and deep abiding peace and contentment.

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