A gift for todays busy life... 

        Imagine having a totally calm mind in all situations that is ready to respond with clarity, rather than react from past conditioning. Visualize living peacefully with yourself and others; content, happy and joyful. This is not only possible for you, it is attainable as soon as you...   Click Here to read more.

Click Image Below for 40sec clip of  Saraswati Mantra (Full Band)

May Event

with Dayakar Das & Friends

We will leave the recording up for a few weeks for those who could not join us Sunday night.

Next Event with Dayakar Das & Living Devotion

Although we could not air our June Kirtan due to agents of chaos, those agents have been subdued and we are presenting our June Kirtan Sunday July 12th
Use this Link: 

Kirtan is Music Meditation

SUNDAY  July 12th

7:00PM (Pacific Time)

Chant - Sing - Meditate - Pray

Join us for a heart centered 
musical mediation practice.

Meditation music that calms the mind,
relaxes the body and energizes the Spirit

All People and All Faiths are Welcome

                 by Donation
                     Benefitting World Disaster Relief

No prior singing or meditation
experience is necessary to participate.

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