A gift for todays busy life... 

        Imagine having a totally calm mind in all situations that is ready to respond with clarity, rather than react from past conditioning. Visualize living peacefully with yourself and others; content, happy and joyful. This is not only possible for you, it is attainable as soon as you...   Click Here to read more.

Next Event with Deerheart & Living Devotion

New Year Kirtan!!!
at Divinitree

Join us in this heart centered 
musical mediation practice

Saturday January 20th
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Meditation music that calms the mind,
relaxes the body and energizes the Spirit

Sing - Chant - Meditate - Pray
Musically Guided Meditation
All People and All Faiths are welcome

Practice is led by Deerheart, a practitioner of  25 years who has been teaching since 1999

Divinitree Yoga
1043 Water Street
Santa Cruz, CA

              $10 - $20 donation at door
                       Benefitting: World Disaster Relief

No prior singing or meditation
experience is necessary to participate.
No one turned away.

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