Rating System

In the ManCave, we rate movies, shows, and video games based on how much we enjoyed them, rather than strictly on their artistic value or blockbuster power. To us, films, shows, and video games are like mini-vacations to another city, country, galaxy, time, or reality. Most people get precious little leisure time, though, and you don't want to walk away thinking that the two hours you just spent watching a movie would have been better spent "being productive." Therefore, our goal is to help you choose an enjoyable, entertaining project, rather than give you our opinion of who we think should get the Oscar for Best Art Direction.

In that spirit of enjoyment, as well as the fact that we podcast from a bar in the ManCave, our ratings are represented by 1 to 5 beer mugs:

Below, you will find descriptions of each rating. You’ll notice that we do not issue "floaters" (1/2 beer mugs). Instead, we force ourselves to make the hard call between ratings, although, on some occasions, we may note in our explanation that it is a borderline recommendation.

Cruel & Unusual Punishment: This project is so terrible we are actually generally angry at the people that made it. It is offensive in some form, either because of its message, its content, or the fact that someone actually made this trash and suckered us into wasting precious moments of our life watching it. We will not issue this rating without an explanation.

Don’t Bother: Not a completely terrible experience, but the time we spent on it would have been better spent elsewhere. At best, this project is good for killing time, or it's background noise for whatever else you're really paying attention to.

Worth It: This project is worth the time to enjoy it and/or the reasonable market value of its price tag, but it's fine if you miss it.

Queue It: Put it on your film/feature/series/game bucket list; make time to experience it at some point.

Own It: You need to have this project in your collection because you're going to want to experience it multiple times and/or put your friends onto it. Worth extra time and money to see it right away! We will also not issue this rating without an explanation.