The best way to get to know us is to listen to our Podcast...but here's a snapshot of each of our hosts:

Serious Jest:

"A great cocksmith, master pintsman, and a stunningly-handsome prince of light in these dark Dark Ages." Made in Peru; forged in America; top-notch attorney; once & always a Marine; Nupe 4 Life; former MC; and husband and father. My favorite movie is the Matrix (original only, please). My favorite series is The Wire. My favorite video game is The Last of Us. My favorite genres are thrillers and comedy. I hate movies that "play with the net down." If you can identify with any of the above, you might like my recommendations.


"Mind freaking you with the sarcastic attack." A Jersey guy, born and bred, with 2 beautiful daughters, but don't ever mention "Jersey Shore" to me. Favorite movies include Indiana Jones & anything with a super hero in it. Favorite genres are action-adventure & sci-fi. I love all things "Geek Culture," mostly without reservations (I'm even willing to give video game movies a chance, and they're always awful). If you identify with any of the above (or you're an ass), check me out!