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Where is the worst pothole in Little Shelford?

Potholes have certainly seemed to get worse in the village over the last month or two. Have you seen that large one on the Whittlesford Road?

I have met several drivers who think that their tyres may have been damaged.

And as a keen cyclist, there seems to be more and more holes every time you go out. I think our roads are as bad now as they have ever been.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could join forces to do something about it rather than relying on the psychic powers of the local council?

Now there is something we can all do. If you spot a pothole, you can report it yourself.

Simply click on ‘Report a highway problem (including pot holes)’

You then need to find the location of the problem pothole on the map by zooming in and clicking. Fill in the details requested and submit.

I’m up for being a “spotholer” to ensure our local roads get sorted - are you?

David Martin

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