My research interest lies in a range of geophysical processes, including but not limited to: large and small earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, plate tectonics, crustal deformations, pre-, post- and independent slow slip. I am particularly interested in combining observational and theoretical efforts to elevate the understanding of earthquake rupture process.

A focus of my research is to apply seismic array processing, or "back-projection", in the context of earthquake source imaging to understand the rupture process of large earthquakes. For more details about our efforts to improve the resolution and reduce the bias and artifacts of back-projections, click on the links below:

The above improvements allow imaging of finer details of large earthquakes and provide new perspectives on earthquake physics. Click the link below for a summary of the works on recent large earthquakes.

I am also interested in applying array seismology to improving earthquake and tsunami early warning. Click the link below for the concept of the array-based warning system.

Tsunami time reversal imaging is another effective tool for earthquake source studies.

I am also interested in understanding mechanisms of various slow-slip processes.