Lingsen Meng,

The Leon and Joanne V.C. Knopoff Chair in Physics and Geophysics
Assistant Professor of Geophysics
UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Tel: +1 310 825 1885
I am an assistant professor in the department of Earth, Space and Planetary Sciences (EPSS) at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)My research is focused on the earthquake physics, where I use both observational and numerical approaches for problem solving. Over the years, I have developed advanced source imaging techniques with applications on recent large earthquakes, such as the 2010 Haiti and Chilean, the 2011 Tohoku-Oki, the 2012 off-Sumatra and the  2013 Okhotsk deep-focus earthquakes. The observational constraint from such fine imaging allows me to conduct dynamic simulations to address open questions in earthquake physics. I am also interested in mitigating seismic and tsunami hazard through Earthquake Early Warning (EEW). I am developing a next-generation EEW system composed of small-scale seismic arrays that track the rupture growth and directivity effect in real time. I am also interested in applying novel numerical approaches in other problems of earth science. For example, I developed new techniques to quantify the marine magnetic anomaly patterns. This work allows to locate the paleo-magnetic equator and constrain the past motion of the Pacific plate. I also worked on modelling crustal deformation and salt dome evolution with the discrete element method.

Among my collaborators are Jean-Paul AmpueroRichard Allen, Roland BurgmannJoann Stock and Hongwei Yin