PAL Summer/Travel 2023 Soccer UPDATES

P.O. Box 391

Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

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Soccer Updates:


Bobcats - Click here to order uniform




2013/14 Girls - The Wildcats are looking for a few girls to join the existing team.  Contact:


MOSQUITOES are running rampant.  Use bug spray.


Summer Soccer has concluded

CLINIC DIVISION - FINAL SESSION Wednesday July 26 6:15 Boro Field
AMERICAN DIVISION - FINAL SESSION Monday July 31 6:15 Boro Field
NATIONAL DIVISION - FINAL SESSION Monday July 31 7:25 Boro Field

What is the thunder/lightning rule? Everyone must leave the field at the first thunder or lightning strike and seek shelter inside a building or car if safe. No one is permitted back on the field until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning strike. What that means is if has been 25 minutes since the last thunder/lightning and and we hear or see more, the 30 minute clock resets from the begining.  This is why many times we just end up canceling the session.

Clinic Division - Going into K or 1st in the fall of 2023
American Division - Going into 2nd or 3rd in the fall of 2023
National Division - Going into 4th, 5th or 6th grade in the fall of 2023