Open Letter to Black Leaders of the World

from Ms. Gloria Poole, RN, artist and prolife activist , Denver Colorado, 80203


 There has to be a judgement day and on this earth, or evil runs rampant. We are witnessing that even today as an  American Diplomat of some kind was shot and killed along with his driver early this morning in an African nation. Those of us who don't kill, are enduring  and or witnessing political and economic conditions/events in this nation that are being driven by the massive slaughter of millions of innocents in the womb that take place in federally mandated and protected slaughter centers known as abortion clinics. I am talking about the loss of respect for human life in general where innocent human flesh is ripped into pieces and the blood poured into some container to sell to so-called research labs along with the pieces of human flesh and body parts. If that does not turn your stomach, then something is wrong in your soul. Those of us who know GOD have to do more, talk more, protest more, demand that the killing  of innocents stop!  We as a nation and as collective Christians cannot sit idly by while millions of innocents are slaughtered with premeditation and deliberation. You  Leaders, particularly the Black or minority populations of the world: where is your voice protesting the intent of Planned Parenthood's founder who was Margaret Sanger, to annihilate completely the black races? Where is your voice and your TV programming on the issues of the dozens of human-baby-shredding facilities in every city of the world? Where is your TV crew on the campaign of that jezebel Hillary who is a democrat and black voters vote overwhelmingly democrat, protesting her because her entire agenda for the US and the world, is annihilating as many innocents in the womb as possible. I cannot judge her soul and you know that, but her deeds and her words are sufficient to put on notice to any voter that she is not of GOD. Where is your Christian committment to GOD ALMIGHTY who has given you a platform for such a time as this? 

 I am asking you, pleading with you, to take up the banner of the government protection of the innocents in the nation. I am asking you to become a true hero to those who cannot speak for themselves and they are the babies in the wombs of their mothers, whether they be black,white, Arabic, Christian, Jewish, atheist, brown, yellow, red, rich, poor, well-educated or ignorant, in America or Africa, or any where. I ask you to remember these words from Proverbs the wisdom of Solomon,"open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and the needy." [ Proverbs 31:8-9,from King James Holy Bible]. Remember that the word 'dumb' still means the inability to speak. Those who cannot speak for themselves need heroes. Leaders, read The Bible, about the story of Herod's slaughter of millions of Jewish babies in the Bible in an effort to hold onto his power and look at that country today, how GOD almostly completely destroyed Italy. Italy survives on tourism and US foreign aid. GOD is not mocked, it says so in Galatians 6:7. It is not wrong to hold the wicked accountable. 

There is a lot of false doctrine mostly spewed by the wicked that GOD would not want us to so-call judge people. But it is that, false doctrine because humans cannot send another human to hell, only GOD has that power, but since we don't want to live in anarchy where those with evil in their hearts make the rules, we have to be a nation that upholds law and order. GOD's laws command us to obey the Commandments including "thou shalt not kill' and the other Commandments also. JESUS reiterated the Commandments TWICE and told the people to obey them, saying 'you know them' . Law and order by definition must include all protections for the innocent or else the nation becomes corrupt, doing the bidding of the wicked, and the rich and the powerful. Do babies in the womb have power? Do they vote? No and they were made the scapegoats of men's sins with women, of adultery, fornication, perverseness. Babies are the tell-tale evidence if a man is in adultery or fornication. They are the tell-tale evidence of an unfaithful wife are they not, when that happens and pregnancy results. Isn't that why abortion as an ungodly and phony so-called right was illegally created by a bribed Supreme Court who NEVER had any authority whatsoever to create new law? 

Creating new public law is the duty of Congress and only of Congress, and they never voted and neither did the people of this nation on any vote to create a law allowing women to kill their offspring. Leaders, educate yourself and your people on the true words and intent of the US Constitution and the words of GOD on these subjects, please. There is no bona-fide right to kill and GOD willing there never will be! Help the cause of human life. Be the hero for the preborn. Use your contacts and influence to speak against the premeditated slaughter of human beings in the wombs of their mothers, where they should be safe.
 signed gloria

For the Scriptures that are the foundation of the Prolife Cause and that prove that GOD HIMSELF is prolife, visit one of my sites, where I collected them and placed them, at Also please visit this site and read my arguments about why abortion violates the Amendments to the US Constitution:

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